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February 2019 babies due Lock Rss

Congrats all. First time for me due Feb 8th. I'd love to be added to the Facebook group.
Hi everyone! I'm due to have my first baby on the 7th of Feb and love the idea of joining a community of women to talk to and support each other through this exciting time smile

I would love to join the facebook group too. My facebook link is

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm getting some round ligament pains and have had a horrible sore hip and lower back. Thank goodness for magnesium! All part of the process though and worth it in the end smile
Hi I'm due with my second on 12 February and would love to be added to the Facebook page. I still chat to those from the huggies group with my first over 5yrs ago!
Hi everyone. My Husband and I are expecting our first baby February 9th!

I'm due Feb 2019 and would like to be added to the Facebook group!
Congrats everyone!

This is my first pregnancy and I'm due Valentine's Day (14th Feb).
I'm originally from Brazil and my parents are coming to meet their first grandchild and help where they can.
Please add me to the facebook group too

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