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Anyone else due June 2019? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any ladies out there due June 2019? I’m currently 5 weeks today due 1st June. Would love to have a Facebook group to chat with other mums to be, I’m just not sure how to make one!
Congrats! Me too! Due 1st June based on LMP bit will go for a dating scan to confirm. Not 100% sure how to make group, hopefully some more people come along and know what to do.
heyyyyy found out 3 days ago im pregnant due june 15 smile
I found out a couple of days ago that I'm pregnant and due beginning of June also. I'd love to join a due group for this bub!
Hey. Congrats! I got a positive test today due in June. Yippee. Hope someone can start up a SECRET Facebook group (or else everyone can see we have joined a group and would know we were pregnant).
Im in Christchurch.
I have just created a secret group!!
Please send me your email address and i will add you.

NZ June 2019 only.

Limit of 40 on the page so we can all get to know eachother and share our journey. (If too large a group we wont get to know eachother).
Awesome thanks so much for making the group! I’m in Chch also!
YAY thanks for setting up group. I'm in Christchurch too!!
I think my FB privacy doesnt let people search for me, could I add you as a friend Melza777 so you can add me? If you let me know FB name. Thanks smile
I'm also in Christchurch! Yay! Please add me ???? [email protected]
im in australia damn sad
If you change your settings just temporarily I could add you? Such a pain we can not send private messages on here or else I could've sent you one!
Hi there,
I found out last week I was pregnant & now I'm 5 weeks as at today.

I' don't know specifically how to create a group on FB however could use this as out forum.

Has anyone had UTI symptoms without the burning at all?? I feel like its either a strange sensation because I have to pee all the time or a UTI.. Any help is appreciated.
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