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July 2019 Rss

Just found out I am expecting EDD july 15th 2019. Am happy to set up a secret kiwi due date facebook group if anyone wants.

Or to join 1 if there is 1 already.
Hi and congratulations. have you started a due date group yet? I’m due in July. If you haven’t started one I’d be keen to start one. You need 2 people.
Hi Angie

Sorry for the late. Nope, have been waiting for someone else so I can. Add me on FB
Hi ladies & congrats! I’d like to join the group too please- EDD 26 July.

I’ll add you on FB smile

I'm due July 26th and would like to join as well. My Facebook accounts new (I deleted my old one) but promise I'm a real person ????
Hi ladies. My baby is due 13 july. Can I join the July due date club? Cheers Ruth
Sure, just add me on fb or drop your email below.
Hi, I’m due 23 July with my first. Can I please be added to your group?
Hi there,
I’d love to join the group too please! Due July 5 2019.
Thank you and congratulations ladies!
Hey sorry I thought you could add to secret groups with email but you can't.

If you add me as a friend on Facebook I can add you (feel free to defriend me once you join).
Id love to join also DD 11th July 2019

My email is
I’m due 12 July could I be added to please
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