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Due in August 2019 Lock Rss

Hey all,
I’ve had a few BFP and looks like I’m due August 9! So excited! Hope to meet some fellow preg mamas soon!
I hope so as well! Scared to use Facebook right now as my name will be attached to this and no one knows yet haha

I think my due data is Aug 9/10
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I'm expecting our first. I miscarried early, in October. We got pregnant not long after we got married 8 years ago, and miscarried at 11 weeks. I'm desperately hoping this one sticks. I'd like to keep my entire pregnancy off Facebook. Trying to make sure my private life stays private.
Yay! Drop your email below to be added to our expectant mums group, or go to
Great news, you must be buzzing. I'm absolutely made up for you. My due date is in mid-Sept. I can totally understand how you feel. The line between getting excited and being nervous becomes so tiny. I really hope things go smoothly from here for all expecting mamas! Here's to a healthy pregnancy.
Congratulations, honey. I get really happy reading about these BFP stories. Good luck to you! Here's to a happy nine months and then the joys of parenthood. It's a feeling you'll never forget. I'm also trying for my second. Fingers crossed, and baby dust to you!
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