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October 2019 anyone? Lock Rss

I found out last week Friday I will have my 5th baby in October I am soo excited. anyone else due October?
Hi. Me too! We're the start of a October 2019 mum's group!! ????
Hi me three! Found out a week or so ago we are due in the start of October with baby number two! Has the same due date as baby #1 as well haha
Whoo hoo welcome everyone!! how is symptoms going for you?
My symptoms come and go. I am 5 weeks today, I feel so sick today but other days I feel fine
pretty much symptom free this time round! a little nausea but mainly tiredness... with my first i had chronic morning sickness up to 18/19 weeks so feeling a little strange to not have it this time round unsure
Hello everyone!!

I am freaking out right now as I just found out I’m 4 weeks pregnant (due 17 October). My son is almost 10 months old!! I always wanted a second one but didn’t think it would happen let alone this fast!!! I can’t believe it!!

Hi to all the lovely mummies to be ???????????? looking forward to getting to know you all xxx
Hi everyone! Just found out in last few days and am 4 weeks today with my third. Been feeling a bit crampy and queasy on and off.
Congrats you guys! I’m about 5 weeks with my third Bub ???? we should create a fb group
Yes!!! Fb group sounds good!! Who wants to do it? I dunno how to lol
I've created an Aussie group that's SECRET so no one will see you joined it. If you are interested in joining, add me on Facebook, I'll add you to the group wink
I added you Rachel
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