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Due in February 2020 Lock Rss

Where my ladies at?
I am !!
Too early to go for an ultra sound so until then I have to sit back and wait to confirm
Me too smile Due around 18th Feb . I'm at approx 6 weeks- Aged 41- supposedly in early menopause so completely shocked but also a nice surprise. But now i am super paranoid about having a miscarriage . Going for a date scan next week as my periods were regular but never consistently a 28 day cycle, sometime less , sometimes more .
Really hoping the scan shows a viable pregnancy now it's had time to sink in and we are excited . grin
Awesome ladies, so exciting and nerve wracking all at once. I'm due around Feb 25, my cycles have been a bit out of whack went from pretty regular 28 day cycles, got pregnant, miscarried a few cycles back and since they have been 34 day cycles, i tried vitex this month to try and level things out and lo and behold im pregnant again. need to see the dr and get bloods and a ultrasound referral to see where things are at!
I'm due Feb 27 , what are you feeling t this stage ladies?
Member133261 wrote:
I'm due Feb 27 , what are you feeling t this stage ladies?

not feeling anything much so far. 5+1. a bit tired, my nips are a bit sensitive. not much other than that,
So glad I found this forum! I’m almost 8 weeks into my first pregnancy and due on Feb 8th. This came as a bit of a surprise and I’m the first one in my social circle having a baby so I’m feeling a fair bit of anxiety about everything.
I’m also super excited and looking forward to being on this journey with everyone here.
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Im due 10th Feb. So excited
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