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Due in March 2020 Rss

Congrats ladies! Hope all is going well. My scan is still a few weeks away so not certain on dates yet.
So bloated that I look 5 months pregnant LOL apart from it feeling great. How are you ladies doing?
Yes! Just found out yesterday I’m having twins. I already have 3 kids!! And I’m 39. This was completely unplanned and I’m still in shock.
Feeling pretty rubbish at the moment as not sleeping well, hopefully that'll get a little better soon.

Wow @3with2ontheway congrats, I can imagine finding out you're having two would be a fairly big shock. Having one is enough of a shock for us .. not sure what I'll do if two show up on the scan in a few weeks.
Hi everyone! just found out yesterday we are expecting baby #3. Hubby was sure we were done having kids but after 4 years of hinting at another he finally caved. Took 6 cycles of trying this time, other two were a suprise and one try! Feel like I'm going to have to learn everything again, my two are 9 and 5. And even though I'm only 4 1/2 weeks I feel terrible already. I'm due somewhere around the 21st ????

Hi ladies! ????
I’m also due March 2020, around the 20th. Excited to join this forum with some other March mummies.
This will be our first, and so it’s all very new to us! I found out pretty early, at just less than 4 weeks, and had it confirmed at the GP at 4 weeks. So far my only symptoms have been sore boobs (ow!) and some insomnia... but that last one is probably just from the excitement! I won’t be surprised if the symptoms ramp up in the next few days though.
Hardest thing so far.. choosing a midwife! They all sound so lovely in their profiles! How did you all choose?
Congrats FeemoNZ & wolfmother
Meet a few midwives if you're not sure and go with the one that makes you feel at ease.
Insomnia sux .. I didn't get it till end of second trimester with first. This time it's been on and off since just after we found out. It's going to be a rough few weeks when school goes back if this keeps up. Lucky to have holidays at the moment.
@3with2ontheway omg that must have been a big surprise!
@wolfmother yay exciting! About mw I would say go with one who share similar lines about the pregnancy and the labour. Like hypno birth is not for me so I discarded the ones that talked about it... and go meet them, some sounds lovely on their picture and profile but you don’t connect in person. With my mw was the opposite, I booked with her because everybody else I liked after reading their profile or were busy or I didn’t like on the phone. Went for a visit and LOVED my mw. Having her again with baby #2.
How's everyone feeling?
Hope all is going well. I'm looking forward to my scan and seeing this little one in just under a week smile
Hi all,
Would love to join in if that’s ok. I’m due March 6th. IVF. Had a scan last week which put me at 7 weeks, so gave me a DD of one day earlier. Number 2 for us. Our little boy just turned 4. I’m having another scan next week then will transfer to ob. Had the awful experience of having a missed miscarriage last year (also IVF), so I’m incredibly cautious (anxious....feel like I’m tempting fate even writing here!)
Are you all in NZ? Is there a FB page by any chance?
Hope everyone is feeling ok
Anyone get in 4 august?
Good luck on your journeys ladies. I'm out this time, had a pretty intense ruptured ectopic and ended up with emergency surgery over the weekend. Trust your gut if something doesnt feel right.

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