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Due Aug 2020 Facebook group Rss


Facebook link:

Facebook group name: “August 2020 Babies (100ish members only)”

I’ve set up this small Facebook group as with my first bub I was (and still am) In a Facebook group that was capped at 100 members which meant you weren’t spammed and a community could actually form because we could remember peoples names! I generally don’t love the social platform, (I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg is watching!) but joining this group with my first allowed me to ask questions and calm my fears and not feel crazy!

This is a private group so no one can see if your a member or what you post.

It’s a tiny group now but hopefully by this time next month we’ll be full.

Hope to see you there! smile 
And thanks to those who have already joined. Please bump once joined to keep this thread going x
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