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im confussed! Lock Rss

hey peoples i am abit confussed it said on the huggies website that at 19 weeks baby should measures about 14-16cm and at 14weeks and 6days baby was 16,7cm is that bad???


I wouldnt say it is bad , did you see everything else was fine at the scan? If you did then thats all that matters. I had my scan at 18 weeks & bub was almost 4cm longer than he should be & also 30g heavier but heart was beating & he has all is limbs. Just remember that every one & yes even growing babies are different If you are really concerned ask you midwife at your next app or you can even ring & talk to them about your worries if your next app isnt for a while. Just remember also that stress is NOT best for you or bub. good luck & try to relax & enjoy your pregnancy.
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