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Due date 17th August! Ny 1 want to chat? Lock Rss

Hi I am 22 and live near Blacktown, I am 27 weeks pregnant and always looking to chat.
I would love for my bub to have lots of friends the same age.
I am getting very nervous as it is not long now.
Anyway if u would like to chat add me to your msn
[email protected]
Love to hear from ny1!!!


hi becky
i`d love to chat im 20 live in Blacktown & due 16 sept - so about a month behind....

im in real need of someone 2 talk 2 my frenz are supportive but im the only 1 in this situation. No1s got kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hows ur pregnancy going? do u no wot bubs is? im having a beautiful baby boy:) & u can email at [email protected]

look forward to chatting Xx Evry1
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