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Anyone due last week of Jan with #2? Lock Rss

Just found out that i'm pregnant with #2 (due around the 30th of January). I already have a 8 month old son, so I'm going to have 2 under 18 months!
I Would love to chat with other mums that have babies due around the same time!

DS 1 Year, #2 due Jan 07

I'm due with #2 on the 20th Jan. My son is 2 years old. I can't believe you will have 2 so close together. I really admire you! I know people do it all the time but I don't think I could cope with that. A lady I used to work with had 5 kids under 4. I thought that was unbelievable. So how are you feeling these days anyway?

Mama to some beautiful babies - Kynan and Tayah

Hi I am not due end jan but 3rd feb is it ok to join in ??? this will be no 2 for us too ales is 22 mths now so she will be just over 2 1/2 yrs when this one comes into the world
Hi Everyone

I'm due with #2 on Jan 26th. We have a beautiful daughter who will be 3 1/2 when this baby is born. We have been trying to have our second child since our 1st on was born, but finally after 20 months of fertility treatment and finally IVF we are very excited.

I have only had a bit of nausa and heartburn. But I'm so hungry all the time.

Mel, NSW, Girl Aug 03 & Girl Feb 07

hi ladies, im jackie 21 with #2 baby due 29th jan 07.

my son izacc will be 22months old when baby arrives.

would love to chat
Hello o am the same due 21st Jan my baby is 9 months i have had 3 kids under 2 before its not that hard.So here i go again i guess only this time i have 5 others to contend with.

ds11 ds10 dd9 dd6 dd19mths ds jan26th

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