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New Born Clothing Lock Rss

Hey girls just wondering, when my little girl arrives in august what size does she usually wear when shes first born and how much and how long will i have her in "size" clothes

round 2 mumma

When I had my children I only bought them a couple of outfits in size 0000 and the rest I got in Size 000 as I found Size 0000 didn't last very long at all as my daughter was 7lb 5oz and my son was 9lb 1 oz so it all depends on what size baby you may have which usually you don't know till its born, but I found with getting mostly 000 size clothing it lasted so much longer, I just had the 0000 size to bring them home in and to wear in the first week or so.

Hi prissybabe,
If you buy Bonds branded grow suits be aware that they are usually a size smaller than other brands. Well, that is my experience and friends who have had babies around me as well.
I Bought some a couple of 4x0 outfits and some 3x0's i took some of each to hospital to cover all bases. I figured the 3x0's would last longer anyway. I hope that has helped a little.
Good luck.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

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