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First baby women want to chat Lock Rss

Hi there, this is my first pregnancy, im 21 and my partner of seven years and i will be having our baby girl in August, im so excited and deciding to deal and think about labour on the actual day... Would love to chat to women who are experiencing their first pregnancy and trade information. Love to hear from all of you

round 2 mumma

im 20 from sydney & would luv 2 chat. Ya im not so sure i wana b thinking bout labour, figure it cant really go the way i plan....
this is my 1st im so excited bout my little man hes due in sept smile
How is ur pregnancy going? If u`d like u can email [email protected]

Luv to chat soon & take care
Ash Xxx
Hi! there
this is my first pregnancy as well!!! i will be 27 weeks on tuesday!
feeling quite good in myself, have had a few worrying thoughts though in regards to bubs being ok!! but i guess that is common, my boobs have been tingling a lot lattely and i am Soo! tired but other than that the bub is moving around heaps which i am loving..
hope to talk soon

mum of 2under2


Im due with my 1st Bub on July 9th! A bit worried about labour cozmy step mum brings it up 24/7! im trying not to think of it but she insists on getting prepared for it. I figure, how can you prepare yourself for something that you have never been through before??? I like the idea of dealing and thinkin of it when it comes... smart thinking!

Anyways, hope everyones tummys are ok!

Talk soon!

Jaz smile
Hi Girls

Im due tomorrow. If anyone wants to chat please email me [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from any mum to be's.

Natasha, NSW, Joshua 04/06/06 Lucas 06/12/07

My name is Becky I am 22 and i am due on August 17th.
Don't know what I am having as my fiance wanted a suprise. I am getting anxious and scared of the birth, I kind of want the due date 2 hurry up and come. If u want to chat my msn is [email protected]
Every1 take care, relax
Luv Becky


Hey there ladies!!
I'm 21, due in December with my first bubz. Went for my first scan yesterday and it was so amazing. They changed my due date, but I'm sure it should be th 12th, not the 16th. Well if anyone wants to chat my msn is [email protected]

Cheers ears smile

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