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Hi To All The Mum-To-Be's Out There!

My name is Julie and I am currently 7 months pregnant to my 2nd baby girl. I am a mother to 10-mth-old Angel.

I'm excited but also anxious about the impending birth (does that make sense? I don't know what that means) I hear its quicker and easier and all.

I'd love to hear from you about it and everything bout your pregnancy.


Julie, Fairfield NSW, 10mth baby, due 8th Aug 06

i think its different for everyone! my first labour was 10 hours-9lb 8oz baby girl,second was 6 hours-8lb 13ob baby girl.both natural births,so it was defanitly faster for me, but you are supposed to have a bigger baby every time so i heard which i didnt(thank god!!!!!!!) im hopping i will have a super short birth this time:) although it is more overwelming when its shorter because you dont have time to process everything going on and get used to your contractions before they step up a notch! but it is over quicker so that is defanitly a plus!!smile

carrie,25,kiwi living in oz

I asked a similar question in a different section and every single person that replyed to me had quicker second labours.

Mama to some beautiful babies - Kynan and Tayah

Congratulations Julie

Not long to go now, Id like to tell you about my 2 labors and birth just to give you an idea this doent happen to everybody but it scared the CRAP outta me, I like you heard that the 2nd time around is quicker. Exspecially if you have fallen pregnant within 2 years of having your first. It is because for 2 years after birth your cervix stays softerso easier to open for 2nd bub.

OK firstly, My son was born on the 30-03-03, i went into labor then about 3 hours later i went to the hospital to see if it was labor, i was 6 cm dilated, it took another 6 hours to dialate the last 4 cm, so i walked, had a bath, sat on the exercise ball to help turn his back to my front, I had a water birth in Ipswich hospital, So my son was born in the bath, It took me 9 hours of labor and about 5 mins of birth. My waters broke as i was fully dialated and about to push so it made it easier.

My second, a daughter, i was only 36 weeks and i was worried as she hadnt turned around to be head first, as i went to book the C section she turned around, 6 days later at 9.10pm my water boke but in a tricle. i thought i would be in labor for at leasted 6 hours,
My husband was so excited he tok me to the hospital even though i didnt want to go as no contractions had started. my moher inlaw came up to pick my son up and asked the nurse if anything was happening and she said no she'll be a while yet labor hasn't even started, my hubby his mum and my son went to say goodbye and go home, hubby went to get my hospital bag. As soon as the lift doors shut my contractions started and they were FULL ON, about 10 mins later the nurse came in and was shocked at how quickly everything was happening, i started walking and thinking i wish hubby would hurry up. he got there as they were moving me into the delivery room, tried to hope on the bed and got sick so i wanted to have a shower. As i was in the shower i asked for drugs, Everything i thought i had forgotten about the first came flodding back. I got outta the shower ready for my drugs when i needed to push they checked and it was time, No time for drugs time to push. All up my labor was 55 mins from start to finish ( thats not including when my water broke as thats not labor) When they say its normally quicker each time you give birth,. Im hoping that is not quicker this time.

Congratulations and good luck

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

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