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hey every one im due on the 12th of june with my second bub so not long to go now im terrified of going into labour again though when i went with my son i was in labour for 45 hours so i really dont want that to happen again anyone else out there who had a bad first labour but a good second one it would be great to hear about your experience i no every chick/labour is different but i need the whole positive aspect any ways my email is [email protected] thanx good luck to everyone.

lauryn, dallas, and teigan

hi there im due on the 20th of june with my 3rd baby so yeh.god a 45 hour first labour you poor thing my first labour was only 8 hours and i hated that but my second however was only one hour and 57 minutes but it was a worse pain. i hope it all gose well for you this time and good luck.

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

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