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Anyone in Rockhampton and going through Hospital? Lock Rss

I had my first appointment with the hospital this week and just wanted to speak to anyone who is also going through Rocky hospital, or has in the past.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)


my name is min, i am 22 yrs old, live in blackwater and i am having my first bub at rocky base hospital in july. there have been many complications with emeralds maternity care and first time mums of that area are being sent through to rocky.

so far my experience with rocky hospital hasn't been great, but then again i think my whole antenatel care could have been better from blackwater also, problems of share antenatal visits i guess. i dunno i guess i just expected more. the midwives i have talked to at rocky have all been lovely but i feel they sorta get you in and out of there as soon as possible which may be a public system thing? it may be different if you are going private? i'm not sure.

i am due in 4 weeks and still haven't seen where i'm having my baby. i have asked many times when i have an appointment in rocky and they are always to "busy" to give me a tour and they suggest i take their antenatal classes but i can't drive that far in every week on my own when my partner is on shift work especially seen as they finish at 9pm so i wouldn't get home until nearly midnight. so i did them at emerald, hehe funny that isn't it.

so how was your experience with rocky hospital? are you going private or public? do you live in rocky? well drop me a line and let me know how you go as it is always nice to talk to people about our impending little miracles...

Min, QLD smile Baby Bland: EDD 20th July

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