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babies due Jan 07???? Lock Rss

anyone due in Jan 07????
this is my second pregnancy my son is now 13months old, he will be nearly 2.

Hi Jackie

Congrates on your bub. What day in Jan are you due?

I'm due Jan 26th with No. 2, and my daughter will be 3 1/2.

Did you know there is another group already messaging "Due last week in Jan". There are lots of other 2nd time mums on the chat now and most have their 2nd due within 2 years of there first. Come and join us!!


Mel, NSW, Girl Aug 03 & Girl Feb 07


I'm due around the 24th of January and this is my first. Excited and nervous at the same time. I've just had a few complications with the pregnancy, but hopefully everything goes well.

I am due on 7th Jan with my second child. We also have a 13 month old son. He was born on 10 May 05, when was you son born and what date in Jan are you due?

Take care
im due jan 18-07, with a boy. My first baby. All is well although i tend to jump whenever he kicks and catches me off guard. Im one of the lucky few that has enjoyed no morning sickness, I hope you are all doing well, not long to go now! Is anyone going to Flinders private in Adelaide?
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