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my name is Jennifer, My EDD is 7th of July 06, this is my first bub. I am 20 yrs old (for the next 9 days anyway).
I have had a couple complications on the way which has caused me to have 4 ultrasounds to date, i had my last ultrasound 2 weeks ago, where i found out i am having a babyboy (it was hard to miss hehe).
This wasnt a planned bub and the Dad doesnt want any part in our babys life, but thats his loss. i was really scared at first about doing it all on my own, but i've had so much support from my parents its unbelievable, now i know that i can do it, and even though the dad wont be around my baby will have just as good as a life as any other.
i would love to speak with anyother young mums or mums to be, as it does get pretty darn lonley.

jennifer, qld, mum 2 tyrone

Hi jen
my names Ashley & im from sydney am expecting 1st bub (baby boy) sept 16, lucky 4 me i`ll have had bub when its my 21st at end of yr !! YAY:)

its a real shame that fathers dnt wanna be 'dads' im in the same situation but it really is them missing out! im scared 2 dnt like the unknown 2 much:)
R u excited 2 be having a boy? how bout names?Well anytime ud like 2 talk im always around. no wot u mean bout being lonely... my email is [email protected] - luv 2 hear from u smile

Hope ur well & keep smiling
Ash Xx
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