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I want to try for another... Lock Rss

Hey there..

My name is Rachel and i have a gorgeous 4 month old daughter...

I really wanna start trying for another.. but there are a few hurdles..

One, I had an emergency csection last time, i dont know if i have to wait a certain length of time before i can start trying again.

Also, Im still living at my parents place at the moment, only because we are saving for our house, and it might be a while before we can finally get into our own place.

My fiance and I really want another one, and if it wasnt for the room issue we would...

I love my babies .....

I say go for it! We have recently found out we are having #2 and we are due in late January! Our DS will be 16 months old when the new bubby arrives!
It wasn't exactly the perfect time for us to decide to have another one either as we are building a house at the moment and its going to be finished right around the time i am due, but we will cope, we wanted to have two close together as we know that once we are paying off our house it will be a lot harder to go back to one wage when we are used to 2, so we will move in on one wage and get used to that and when i go back to work it will be a bonus - the more you earn the more you spend!!!!You will find room you always do, they don't take up much space!!
Not sure though about the csection, i think some hospitals if you plan to have a vaginal birth next like you to wait 2 years but that may be just the low risk ones????
Good luck! Its a tough decision but go with your heart!

DS 1 Year, #2 due Jan 07

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