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Any WA Mums wanna chat ??? Lock Rss

Hey all Mums or mums 2 be smile

I am 17, I live in Perth (rockingham). Just wanted to chat to any one , who going through pregnancy ... as its good to talk to people who are going through same thing an are close...

well im having a gurl, due 12th aug....

Well hope to hear from alot of use



i am from albany near perth
this is my first one i am 27wks and got 12 wks to go

first time mum

Hey Nessa,
Congrats! I bet your excited, there's not long to go now! I am due with my first on the 21/11/06....not sure what we are having yet but can't wait to find out. Take care! Jo, WA

WA, Expecting

Hey Nessa,

I'm 18 and I also live in Rockingham, Perth. I'm due to have a girl on the 19th of September. My email is [email protected] if you want to chat some more smile Best of luck!


Madelyns mum- 27/09/06

hi nessa

how things going? I live in perth (ballajura) so a little away from you, but hey we can chat. Im due on the 2nd september (but i think he will be out before then) with my first baby (a boy). i now only have 8 weeks to go and im getting excited and nervous all at the same time. im worried about how i will cope during labour. how were the classes that you went to? we are not going to go to any. but i will be going to a breast feeding class, im going on the 2 august its a 2 hour class. i have heard from my sister in law that bfing was harder than it looks so i really wanna know what to do as i really wanna feed him myself (fingers crossed).

i have read a few of your other posts and if you need a ear my email is [email protected]
i was with my sister when she had her first baby (she was a few months off 17). she was living at home with all our family and she had the baby in her room with her and she did a fantastic job with her boy(he is nine on september 4). she also was a single mum for a few years till she found a guy. anyway she is now 25 and she has 2 more children another boy(6) and a girl(3.5) and she is due 10th december with her 4th. so im sure that everything will go great for you.

have you finished with your clean out of your room and got everything set up? we finished our nursery about a month ago. we have finished all the clothes shopping and stuff like that, the only thing that we had trouble with was the pram but i went and got one on thursday. i have finally finsished everthing. now just awaiting the big day. i finish work on 28th july then have a few weeks at home. 3 weeks to go i cant wait.

anyway better go hope to hear from you soon.



hi there i am currently 31 weeks gone with my second baby and am no where near as organised as i was with my first, Shaylee she is two years old now and i am due 9/9/06. i am the only one my age i know to be having a bub so i feel like a bit of a loner in my town! (Narrogin WA) all my friends have already had there two, three, and four children and the youngest is 2 so i am going alone with this one!! i am 22 years old and married to a 29 year old and because i moved here to be with him his friends are mine who are all 7 years++ older so it is nice to chat to young mums for a change.

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