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baby number 1 EDD 14/11 Lock Rss

Hi all,
This is the first forum i have participated in. I am 33 y.o with my first on the way (14/11). Of course i joined the various clubs etc for expecting mums, there are so many sites. I have now narrowed down to just the two i look up because i was getting confused with which had what, passwords etc. Perhaps it is because my brain is turning to mush!

Anyhow i am from melb and happy to chat. I am a little over the advice you can get from well meaning friends on what and how they did things, i look forward to instead sharing my journey with those around the same stage.
Take care all and happy, healthy preg and birth to all

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Good morning there, i am having my second baby and i am due on the 16th November. Having my third scan this afternoon so excited i cant wait. I hope your pregnancy is going nice and smoothly and you hvae not had many hiccups. I find it is flying past not sure if it is because i have a 2 year old to entertain but im loving it haha.....

Hope to chat to you soon, there is a due in november thread in here with a whole heap of other mums due in november you might like to post in (i do) and it is fantastic. Hope to see you in there. BYE xoxox

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

Hi Di

I am expecting my first baby on 17/11/06 and we are having a little girl, which I am pretty excited about, he's getting used to it slowly. Being older parents 36 & 38 I think you get used to life just being the two of you so it will be very interesting when she comes along. Hope you are having a good pregnancy. I have had heaps of advice from people too mainly the bad stuff and I'm still learning to ignore them. I felt her kick for the first time this week so thats 20 weeks, I was a bit worried as people said she should already have moved. Anyway good luck and have a lovely journey

hi di,

welcome! i'm 27 and expecting my first on 27th of nov. had ultrasound on thurs and it showed i'm having a girl! very excited. time is going so so quickly, she'll be here before i know it!

i live in torquay. i also joined a few different sites but got confused (it sure doesn't take much for that to happen at the moment!!). well hope everything is going well for you. hope to chat soon.

naomi x

maya sian 2/12/06, ethan zane 26/6/09

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