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Is labour worse second time round Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

Just wondering on everyone experiences how there labour was second time (3rd or more) round.
I know they say it gets quicker is this the case for most. Iv also heard that second time is more intense cause it is quicker. My sister had a 6 hour labour with her first then a 3 hour one with the second but she said the 2nd was worse and more painful as the contractions were more constant and hardly a break in between.
My first labour was 6 1/2 hours.
Has anyone had the same experiance.
Would love some feedback. Thanks.

three girls aged 3, 2 and newborn

I had an 18hr first labour and then a 4hr labour for me the pain with the first was way more intense. With the second I was a bit complacent and though I would be in labour for hours so had a shower and breakfast and then had to race to the hospital and was only at the hospital for 1.5hrs before DS was born. My second was bigger than the first too but for some reason no where near as painful. My third however is a different story he wanted to come out on an angle (his feet were facing my hip) The pain for this one was super intense.
Cheers Ness
i had 2 hours 1 hour 30 mins and then 1 hour 8 mins so all mine were intense all mine where the same i think people say the seconds worst cause they know what its like and are prepared for it

mum to 3


I was told that my second labour would be quicker but I was not ready for what my daughter had in store for me. I have also heard that if you concieve before you first child is 2 years old then your more then likey going to have a quicker birth as its all still alittle softer then if you waited say 4 years to have your second child.

My son was a 9 hour labour so for my daughter I was told to expect at leasted 6 hours. The doctors worried me throughout the pregnancy that my baby was to small. I had to have ultrasounds up until a week before she was born.

My daughter turned around at 35 weeks and was born a mear 6 days later, as I was expecting a decent labour I wasn't in any hurry to go up to the hospital, my husband however once he found out he took me straight up there. Luckly because my labour from start to finish, it lasted 55 mins thats from my first contration to my daughter been pronunced alive.

It was all very scary as during my first labour I was sleeping in between contractions as the second I couldnt do anything It was all so quickly if my waters hadn't broken 3 hours earlier I wouldn't have made it to hospital. My labour was alot more intence as instead of having 9 hours to dialate i had less then an hour so the contractions started as the last I had with my son, very close and fast.

I am expecting baby number 3 in Febuary so I hope it isn't each baby get faster or i'll be in BIG trouble.

Just remember that this baby is differant to your first, so your laubor is going to be differant the feeling and posions you had last time will proberly be so differant its like this is your first all over again. Its a wonderful experance and just try to relax as your baby will do all the work.

Congratulations and I wish you a safe arrival.

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

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