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INDUCED LABOR TOMORROW!!! actual due date 14th oct Rss

Hey all,
ive had severe swelling in my ankles and knees and blood pressure is up as well as protein in the urine, im 37 and a half weeks preg, gynaecologist thinks im on the verge of severe preeclampsia so guess what? im being induced tomorrow at 3pm!! im scared *****!! ahhhh so next time u all see a post from me my little bundle of joy will be here!! wish me luck :S im so scar3ed lol
good luck smile

hope all goes smoothly and that at this time tomorrow, you are having a cuddle with your little boy!

Oh Kat hope everything is running smothly and both mummy and baby are doing well, Good luck with the labour and birth hope its a smooth ride, Its great that your doctor has indused you so you didn't get the severity of pre-eclampsia, I am on the other side of your blood pressure problem as I have low blood pressure, I haven't heard much about any problems with low blood pressure apart from the constant dizziness, So i hope it isnt as intence as pre-eclampsia as that would be terrible,

Hope everything is wonderful and you have your beautiful bundle of joy in your arms sooner rather then later,

No need to be sacred its worth every little bit of feeling you have im sure you will agree.

Congratulations and good luck

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

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