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April baby! ...I think. Lock Rss

Hello all,
After much confusion and many wrong due dates, i think i have finally worked out roughly when im due.
Doctor no.1 went off my LMP and told me im 17weeks
Doctor no.2 went off the height of my uterus and my LMP and worked out im 16weeks
Ultrasound Doctor went off baby size and worked out im 15weeks.

Naturally i was confused as the dates didnt work out, some meant i concieved

Well i found this web site that said it depends greatly on your length of cycle. 40-45days for me.
Well now i think im about 12-13weeks, im going to ask my doc and see if she thinks this is more accurate, the dates work out now thank goodness.
I thought i was going crazy or my body was.

Any how im now pretty sure im having a little mid April bub. Time will tell i guess.

Leish, NSW, 2bubs +1onway


I am also due in April, like you I wasn't sure of my dates my midwife said 4 April and the scan said the 10th. So only a week out.

I am also expecting my 3rd and my 2nd was 2 weeks early so who know when it will arrive.

I think I am about 14 weeks.

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04


I'm also due in April actually the 4th to be exact, which makes me 15 weeks. I have had a few scans the latest was 2 weeks ago when i was 13 weeks this scan showed that i was actually 14.5 weeks. The only issue with that is this baby is an ivf baby and i know the exact day it was concieved so i think the scans are only estimators not gospel.... So i would just go with the flow as you said time will tell....

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