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finding out the sex Lock Rss

hi everyone i am pregnant with my first child and everyone seems to be so pushy about us finding out the sex of our baby, everyone of my partners brothers have found out before the baby was born ,they keep telling us that it is the year 2005 not 1885, but we think it is something special to look forward to, does anyone else share our opinion or are we acting old fashion.

tam vic due 13th september

Hi Timtam

It is a personal choice!
I think having a surprise is wonderful - especially when you have gone through all the pain to give birth.
I didn't find out with my first but considered finding out this time. I am glad we didn't find out this time cos I can not wait for the surprise now!
You aren't being old fashioned at all, there are still a lot of people around that wait for the birth.

Good luck with your decision.


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