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December 07 Lock Rss

HI just wondering if anyone is due December 07? And what hospital.
im due dec 5th..

and will be having bubs at mildura hosp lol i already have a nearly 3 yr old boy

jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

Hi, just found out we're expect baby #2. Due date yet to be confirmed, but my dates are 8th Dec.
So excited!!
I want to tell everyone, DH wants to wait until our dr appt 17th May. It will kill me!!! So negotiating is in need!
Congrats to all, who are also due dec.
I live in Warrnambool, so will deliver at South West Health Care.

alison, vic, riley 27/03/04, Toby 28/11/07

My due date is 11st Dec, just found out last week. And this is my first baby. I try to book North Shore Private(NSW) but already full?! So last choice is Mater Private also in North Sydney. I heard Westmead Private is full as well. -- "K"
Hi!! Im due december 24th xmas eve lol This was unplanned as we only just had our daughter in january on the 2nd, and out other daughter is 2 so its like OMG!! lol but we are still really excited but im also a bit panicked lol
how are you all?

Jess -

Hi there, thought i would join in here, i'm also in the xmas baby post as well. Anyway due with #2 on the 12th December & going to be booked into the Mater in Brisbane, getting referral on Tuesday.
Hope everyone is well.

2 gorgeous boys Tylar & Jailon

hi!im due with baby number two dec 20 am real excited
i have a boy whos just about four he thinks its great
that hes going to be a big brother.
I'm due 14th with baby number 3. A big suprise, I have a boy 3 and a girl 16mths. I will delivering at either Newcastle Private or the John Hunter (NSW)

not ure if i am expecting last period was 04/03/07 - so using a dating calculator that wiould make me 9 weeks and due on Dec 10 2007! already have a 7 month old, too scared to do a test - not ure if iam scared it will be + or - really!
Hi, i am due 4th december with my 2nd bub, my dd is 13 months old now. i am booked into the Mater Brisbane also, (heard they were pretty good!) and hard to get into aswell, but i managed to get in. had my first bub in Victoria. hows everything been going with your pregnancy's? i have not had any morning sicknes at all, (not like the last thats for sure!)

3 Little Ones to Love.....


I am due around december 7th with bub number 2. My DS is 19months old and I am will be going to Gosford Hospital, central coast, NSW. So far all has been good, morning sickness this time does not seem as bad as first time around but as I am no longer working full time I think this has helped not being so tired.

Jake 18/09/05 & Due 07/12/07

Hi i'm due xmas eve too...with #5 will g to maitland or john hunter in newcastle....leaning more to john will be a c section and maitland only do them on ms only filling tired...and i look about 5mths not 7 good LOL...hope you all fell good

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