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Due in February 2006!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

hi guys went 4 my glucose test today and it was fine.. actually enjoyed having a quiet hour to myself to read a magazine.. lol the only hard part was trying to get the drink down when the man beside me had severe b.o and it was 8 am - who has b.o at this time? pig stink!!!
i am dragging my fat butt to aqua aerobics tonight as have put it off the last 2 nights due to the weather.. ( and the embarrassment that all the grannys were fitter than me- lol)
glad to hear all is well around here.. was thinking we should get a buddy who we can exchange numbers with so when we have our babies we can text them and they can post it on here for us .. what do u reckon?
if the idea stinks tell me!!
cant wait to find out next tuesday what we are having...
\ps it is costing me $255... and u have to take your own dvd..

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi there

I am due in Feb 06 with our first.

I think the baby is preparing me for the lack of sleep to come - does anyone else have trouble getting comfy at night?
Hi Kristi, my baby due in February 12, 2006! I'm so excited!


im due 17th feb. Its my first and im really freaking out about the labour and the changes i have to go though

mother to JAMES born 27-02-06

im due valentines day with my second son. its even more special day for me cause it was this time last year that i was proposed too and moved out of my parrrents house. im very over it and want it out. my body is showing signs that its gonna happen soon but its not happening. this is my 1st time sharing it with a partner and or father of the baby so its been very special to me in many ways. also the fact that i have 2 things wrong with me that can and most of the time do make me infertile.
going to ask the gyno if he can give me an internal tommorrow to see if things are ripening. well good luck to all. sorry bout the typos, ive jsut finished all the house work ive been putting off for days now and paying for it big time!!
hello im booked in for a c-section on the 16th of feb my husband b-day is 15th and my younget sons is the 18th so its going to be a busy week.this is my 3rd baby i have 2 boys and this is supposed to be another boy.
any other ladies from perth having there babies a KEMH
hi sel, im due on the 14 of feb to, wanna race? my email is [email protected] maybe we can chat to pass time. ne way im the one who started this subject and yesterday i went to the gyno for a check up and i almost cryed cause im so fustrated. it took all my might not to ask for an internal to see if things are starting to ripen up. i have a diffrent gyno this time then my 1st and i learnt that a good gyno doesnt have to ask to know what im going through. he gave me all the support and encouragment and understanding that i needed and couldnt find any where. now ive resigned to my due date and trying to let my anxiety slip. its hard cause i suffer from that and depression and serposed to be on anti- depressents. i know i will have bad days and good days but at least i know my appointment is never far away for more encouragment. he said he tells new mums that half way mark is 30 weeks but they never understand till they get to 35 weeks. i asked him about rasbry tea leaf and he said he doesnt think it works but if it makes me feel like im doing something then by all means to take it. some one should start a roumer that tic taks bring on labour, a much cheaper alternitive!! well good luck all and i hope time flys.
Hi Kristi,

I am 28, and I am having my second baby on 27th Feb..... I have a 21 month boy "William".

We cant' wait...

Dreans, VIC, 3yr boy & 14mth girl

Hi Kristi,

I am 28, and I having my second baby on 27th Feb..... I have a 21 month boy "William".

We cant' wait...

Dreans, VIC, 3yr boy & 14mth girl

Hi everyone

Just letting you all know i had my beautiful baby girl on Wednesday 8th February at 7.26 pm she weighed 9 pound 8 she was bigger than my son and i named her Hailey Leeanne.

She is feeding well and she is sleeping really well also.

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