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any One due in early dec 07.. Lock Rss

i have jst found out that am having second baby due on 5th dec.. already have a lil boy jordan who is 3 in may would love to chat..
thanx kylie..

jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

Hi Kylie
I'm glad I found you! I was in the original thread, started on the old forum. Alison from Warrnambool, due 8th dec with bub #2. I also have a little boy Riley who turned 3 end of march. Tanya was also in the thread, which you had chatted with over msn.
Hope you had a great easter. Ours was full of too much chocolate!!!
What do you think of the new forum site? I think I'll like it once I get the hang of it!
Hope we can continue to chat.
thanx Alison

alison, vic, riley 27/03/04, Toby 28/11/07

hey girls

glad i found our thread. all is good here just a little tired. had some family over for tea and got to see my 8 week old nephew tonight makes me want mine lol so cute

hope everyones having a good weekend smile hope all the others come back and find us

take care girls
belly rubs to all

Thomas 17/6/05 Emily 2/12/07 Lachlan 9wks

Hi, I am due to have my 4th in early Dec. Have a 8yo, 5yo and 4yo already.
hi everyone..

so not used to this new one yet haha..

how is everyone?? i hope we all get back in here asap it was getting so big lol

well chat again soon when were back in the hang of it haha

kylie :x

jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

hey ladies,

well my name is laura and i just found out that i'm going to be having a baby that is due the 7th of December (yay), i'm completly thrilled and could not be happier. i dont have any kids already as ii'm only 18 (young i know), but both myself and the babies father are over the moon and cant wait to meet the new addition to both of our familes.

hi laura..

congrats on ur news!! im having my second baby due on the 5th dec i have a lil boy jordan who is nearly 3 & i had hinm when i was 17 now 20 lol

its exciting when you find out haha

hello to all the other girls

how are you all??

talk again soon & congrats to everyone again

kylie :x

jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

according to the calendars Im due on the 3rd of Dec but i place it late novemeber, but most babies are late well if my last 2 are anything to go by they are lol

Connor 24/1/03, Oliver 8/6/04, Zachary 5/12/07


I have just found out that we are due in early Dec- on the 7th. I am a little nervous this is the first pregnancy.

Wow it is still settling in....

do you mind if i join this thread?
hi girls..

congrats to you both smile

Dani83 ur most welcome to join we were only a small group but got bigger jst wen they decide to update the forum and not all of us are back in here yet..

it is exciting haha talk soon


jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

hey Gals please come and join in our XMAS babies thread we need to break some sort of record there is so many of us hehe March must have been a boring m0nth hehe

Mikayla 1/2/05 Zachary 28/12/07

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