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Hey girls,

Just thought i'd start a new thread!! I couldn't find they old one, maybe i'm just blind??!! Haha!

Well i can't wait to hear how you are all going!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

hey Nic i am here. how are you feeling. I am ok i get sore at night from chasing after the kids all day as you would understand.
I am ready for her to come out now the room is painted and tomorrow i will be putting it all together. I have also put the car seat in the car. So now it is just a waiting game.
hey everyone, im kristi. im due on the 8th may... i thought i may aswell join seeming a new one got started, i felt bad coming in half way thru ur last may post seeming everyone seemed 2 know each other so well... i went for my doctors appointment today, and finally gold coast hospital is taking me... which is a huge weight off my mind..!! bubs is doing well he has 2/5's of engaging 2 go apparently, but i dont know how they can accurately state that, how is lil matty doing? And Belinda how u going with lil Rori great 2 see someone is having a girl in May seemed 2 be all boys!!!

Hey girls,

Kristi - Welcome to our thread!! Though you could have joined us earlier! We wouldn't have minded!! Glad to hear that you got in to the gold coast hospital!!!

Belle - I still haven't even got our capsule yet!!! But i'm borrowing one off a friend, so i could have it anytime now! Though i have a carseat as a back up just in case Matty comes before i get it! I totally understand how you feel at the end of the day!! My back is killing me today! And this arvo i started feeling sick as! I think i'm ready for this baby to get out!!

I hope the rest of the girls can find us!
Have a great weekend!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Kirsti welcome
is anyone else having really bad period type pains i have been for the last hour and Zac is really unsettled tonight. I wonder if this is the strat of something and he can sense it. For the last week at about 1am he has been coming into my bed and giving me a cuddle and then going back to his bed so it makes me wonder.
Nic i also hope everyone finds us and we welcome new ladies who are also due in May.
I'm not to sure on how it is running here at the moment the site seems to be a bit slow and have you also noticed that you are now limited with how much you can write.
Oh well hope everyone has a great weekend
Hi Girls,

I found you!

Kristi, welcome to Maybies - you should have joined us earlier.

Belle, good luck with the cramps - I guess having done this twice before you would know whether it could be the start of something!

Sky-Lee, loved all you pressies on the Maybies site - were they all gifts from your baby shower?

Nic & Sky-Lee, I'll leave it to you to swap numbers to announce each others births. Sammy, Kel (Kakkles) was going to get in touch with you. Everyone else I've matched up.

Sammy, good luck for Monday hun, we'll all be thinkng of you ... and Amber ... are you still around?? Has anything happened yet?

So exciting! I'm 37 weeks today, so official 'full term'. 2 more weeks of work so hopefully bubs can hold out a little longer.

well nothing happened last night but Zac is really protective of me at the moment and wont let me out of his sight. I will have the room finished by this afternoon so she can come out tonight ( I wish ) i will put photos on maybies when it is all arranged how i want it at the moment all the furniture is in the middle of the room in a heap.
hi Ladies,
this is my first baby and i have been having braxton hicks contractions on and off for the last few weeks, some nights lasting up 2 6 hrs, coming at irregular intervals... my partner rings the hospital and they say 2 bring me up when they start coming at regular intervals, driving me insane hey i just want 2 have bub. is it being over anxious thats making me have so many braxton hicks or stopping it from progressing in2 the real thing??

We have isaac again tonite YaY!!

take care and have a great weekend ladies...

Hey girls,

Ange - Sky-Lee and i will work out and swap numbers though we are due pretty close to each other!!! I'm sure we will work something out, even if i have to get Hubby to put a post up for me!! That should be interesting!! haha!!!

Belle - I wonder if the pains are the real thing! Fingers crossed it all goes well for you! and if the pains are still going i hope bub comes quick for you! This site is slow hey, but hopefully they will be able to fix it soon!

Hi to everyone else!! Kristi - Glad to hear you have Isaac today! Hope he is good for you!

Me - My belly is sore heavy today!! And my back is killing me!! Oh well not long left now i guess!!

Sammy - Good luck on Monday!! I can't wait to hear how it all goes for you!!

Anyway, have a good weekend girls!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Yay i found you all smile

Hey Ladies how are you all doing?
well 2 more sleeps for me how exciting though i am freaking out again that bubs has turned ha ha ha im sure everything is where it still was just bubs playing the lumpy game again with me and hide the head ha ha ha never mind.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend and fingers crossed for monday for me so that i can bring news to you that i had my gorgeous baby boy and not a I got sent home cause the little monkey had turned ha ha ha though with his size and the minute bit of room he didnt have im sure i would know if he did turn.

Anyways I hope you all have a fantastic weekend talk to you all soon
Luv Sammy xx

Hi Ladies!
I am currently due with No 2 on the 22nd May. I have been reading the old post from the start and I just want to say thank you because even though I had never hopped on and asked specific questions it has been so good to know that others are having the same feelings, pains etc that I am having. My bub was breech until last week but now it has turned so that has been a huge weight off my mind. Just hope it stays down.
Good luck for Monday Sammy.

Happy Mum, TAS, DS 14/10/2004, DD 25/5/07

Heya!! Well I saw my midwife Thursday and I can hardly walk and she was saying it's normal preg pains UNTIL she tried to feel my tummy and I just cried! It hurt so much and then she said that my pelvis has separated. She could feel that the baby wasn't in it still and didn't want to feel too much as I was reduced to tears from the pain so she said that when I've 'had enough' I can call her and I will go into hospital and see a doctor to get the all clear to be induced early YAYY!! Because she can only induce me 10 days after my MAY EDD! Which is way too far away for me to deal with but I am hoping to go naturally soon because it hurts so much. I have raspberry leaf tabs and evening primrose and we've tried ourselves to get bubs out. She said to try that all and said to burn clarry sage oil which was $26.20 so I am very weary about buying it!! And to get raspberry leaf tea which I have heard is GROSS so I will see what the wkend brings for me and if bubs hasn't arrived I will then try the tea and the clarry sage... I tried clarry sage with Tayah and I remembered that it STUNK so bad!
Well I am gonna get going. Will keep you updated. Xox

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