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haha that's funny Ange!! What's energy!! i'm buggered all the time now!! I think i'm still trying to get used to the whole 3 kids thing!! lol!!! But it sure makes for a long and full day!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

i am with you there Nic i am so tired by the time i get to bed some nights i cant get to sleep.

Zac has finally got an assesment with the develpomental specialists on the 27th of june but we have been told by our g.p who did a test that even thou his physical age is 3.5 his mental age is around 2.
Kodie has recovered from the chicken spots as he calls them they have all scabbed over now and are healing.
We had a quiet day today but i did do some baking i made chocolate chip biscuts jam drops and little fairy cakes. The boys love baking they help me it is special mummy time.
Hope you are all well give your bubs a kiss for me
***love Belle and Rori***
Great news bout Kodie!! so he'll be ok for those photos hopefully hey!

Belle and Renee - Sorry bout leaving you on msn!! Damn thing kicked me off and wouldn't let me sign back in!! So i'll catch you both another day!!

I hope everyone and their bubbas are well!! We are doing very well at the moment! Matty is having his last night feed at about 8pm or so and then sleeping through til about 2-2.30am! So i'm happy, Though i have the same problem as you Belle by the time i get to bed it's time to wake up and feed him nearly! lol. I have noticed that i can't sleep before 10pm and it doens't matter how tired i am! I just can't sleep before that!

Anyway girls i might head off and have a milo before bed! night!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi girls

How's everyone doing today? Belle, good to hear Kodie is past the worst of his 'chicken spots'. Nic, nope, Shae isn't tongue tied, she just can't quite suck properly. The midwife told me to try to breastfeed her every so often as she gets older as she might be able to pick it up once she's developed a bit more, so we'll see.

Shae is 4 weeks old's gone so quickly!! Our little girl is getting so midwife came yesterday for our weekly checkup and Shae put on 280g in the last week!! wink So she's now 4.38kg (9 lb 6oz). Nic, Matty's sleeping sounds fabulous!! Shae is having a feed basically every four hours around the clock! Although last night was great......she had a feed at 11pm and then didn't wake until 5am so that was a nice treat to get a longer sleep!! smile How is everyone elses bubba's feeding/sleeping?? I'm very interested to know.........

Shae's wind seems to be getting a tad better, although she's still spilling quite a lot, although I was told it's normal newborn behaviour. It doesn't seem to be reflux so I'm thankful for that. If anything, I wondered whether she might have colic, but she's been better lately so am much happier........I hate seeing my little girl all upset sad I've stopped using the Infacol and just use gripe water as she needs it which seems to be doing the trick. It's a bit naughty, but we haven't been putting Shae to bed while she's still awake......she's been going to sleep on us.....and I'm a bit worried that she's going to get used to it, but it's the only way we can do it because she has to be kept upright after her feed for a while otherwise it just all comes back up! But my midwife said not to worry about it, as there's not really any other way around it. So hopefully in a month or two her spilling will be settled down.

Well I hope all you girlies are having good times and enjoying your precious bubs. I'm just treasuring every day as time just seems to be flying by! Enjoy your afternoons!

Lou smile

Hey all
just a quick post from me hope your all doing well smile
cant believe Ryder is nearl 2months old sad its gone too fast far too fast though recently im feelling like i dont want him anymore im stressed out majorly and almost feel like breaking down and hiding in a dark corner somewhere im not enjoying things at all
things are getting really tough at home which isnt helpng either im almost ready to just take off

Anyways i hope your all doing well and taking care

Luv Sammy

Hey Girls,

How are you all going?? I hope you are all well and enjoying your little bundles of joy.

Jackson and I are going really well, we had the healthcare nurse come around today and she's very happy with Jacksons progress. He's put on around 200grams and has grown 4cms since birth. He's such a placid little boy, a blessing to me smile He's really good at burping etc, i've had no problems with wind.

I got him circumcised on Monday and that went well, I got a really hard time from the doctor that gave me the referral (grr) but the proceedure was quick and Jackson only cried for 5mins tops.

Im almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I put on 16kgs and so far ive lost 12, so only 4 to go. I think a lot of it was fluid..

Sammy - Hun I hope things start looking up for you, you are a strong girl and you will come through this.. Know that we are always here for you hun, if you wanna talk etc.

A couple of quick questions for everyone - What's your bubs 'terror time'.. you know that unsettled period they have.. Jackson's is 4am!

How long till stitches are fully healed??

After your birth were you proud of yourself? or disapointed in any way??

Anyways, im off to bed smile

Luv Renee xoxox

Hi gilrs,

Firstly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!!! I hope you are having a great day!! Like Renee said we are always here for you if you need to chat but i hope today is better for you!

Renee - Matty's "terror time" is about 4am too!! He has a feed and then keeps squirming until his next feed!! Might be cause his little nose is blocked up and he can't breath properly or that this is the lovely time he decieds to get a belly ache!!

I have been proud of myself after all the births of my kids!! With Alex it was cause i never thought i'd actually be able to do it. I'm such a wuss that i nearly faint if i cut my finger!! But also cause i had a beautiful little person at the end of all that pain! I think that was the proudest part for me with all of them! Oh and i got to cut Lauren's cord! I loved that bit!!

No stitches so can't help you there!sorry!

How is Jackson going?

How is everyone else? Kel - how's your little girl going is she coming home soon?

Belle, Kel2, Sky-Lee, Amber (where ever you are ! hehe) Kristi, Lou, Ange, and anyone who i forgot! How are you all going? HOw are your bubs??

Anyway i'm gunna go have a shower and get dressed to start my day!! I have so much to do!!
Have a good (long to those in Aus)weekend!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girls i was just thinking! hehe yes i can think just! lol

Maybe now that is June and we have all had our bubs that we should all "graduate" to the baby section of this forum!! there is a Maybies post set up already.

Can't wait to see you over there!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi All,

Thanks Nic, I have posted on the Maybies section under Baby.

Happy Birthday Sammy and I hope you feel better soon. I just want to give you a big hug!

Renee, yes I was very proud of myself and still feel proud now! I was so scared of giving birth (and still am, hee hee) but I got through it and lived to tell the tale!

Laila's terror time was from 8pm - 11pm but she has been settled in a routine since about 2 weeks (her doing, not mine!) The last few days I have changed the routine so that she is awake in the day more and sleeping during that 'terror time' and it seems to be working so far.

The thing is, she has slept from 11.30pm-7.00am since about 2 weeks. When I wake her at 7am (yes I have to wake her) she only wants about 20 mins on the breast. I then keep her awake until about 8.30am before putting her back down to sleep. I am worried that she is not eating enough but she is putting on weight and has 6 wet nappies a day. I keep ringing the maternal health line to see whether it is okay that I am letting her sleep til 7 but I am getting conflicting advice from everyone.
hey ladies!! wow Lou only 24 mins u say?>?? mine was an elective c section coz Lexi was breech!! otherwise id probs still be wating (exaggeratin LOL) Sammy was great seeing u the other day, ryder is just as handsome ladies in real life, well no i lie, BETTERlooking haha wait for the wedding in 20 years time of Ryder and Lexi! they are a perfect mix, our grandkids will be stunning LOL. We have just got back from chch today after spending 9 days down there. Kenz had an MRI on the 31 May which thankfully has come back clear, chemo on 4th and 5th June and her eye was finally made up this week and looks blimming fantastic! were stoked!! Kel hope Kaitlin is picking up for you honey, sending positive vibes your way honey!! Lexi is being toped up with Bottle feeds as she only gained 100 grams in just short of two weeks, so hoping when she gets weighed on mon/tue story will be different! but am thinking of putting her on bottle fulltime as a)not relaly enjoying it, b)were both stressing out at tines when it comes to breast feeding and c)if shes not really gaining weight dont see the point!! so when i go to my 6 week post natal with DR will see if i can have some of those magic pills (cheers sammy!) haha to ease of milk supply. i think it will make for a way happier house hold and kids and hubby and mother/wife. Lexi did really well being out of a natural environment. I just can't believe she is 4 weeks 1 day old now! man where has that time gone girls?? anyone wanna email feel free or my msn is well take care for now girls lots of love Kel2!!!

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi girls

Kel, those magic pills do the trick.......I'm taking them because I'm expressing full time my milk supply went downhill, but has now picked up again now that I am taking them. They're actually for tummy cramps but they boost your prolactin levels.

Sammy, hope you are feeling better these days, and hope you enjoyed your birthday.

To everyone else, hope you and your bubbas are all keeping well.....have to go feed Shae.

Lou smile
...hi again.....just wondering if any of you mums with other kids have had any experience with reflux?? I have a feeling that Shae might have reflux, 'cos lately she's been very unsettled and is always catnapping and constantly feeding and always upset with wind or because she's sicked up. So I've made an appointment to take her to the doctor tomorrow morning so will she what she says. Poor little's horribly knowing that something is causing her pain and I can't do anything about it. We've already done things like raising her bed/keeping her upright/changing her nappy first, etc. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Lou smile
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