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Kristi sad I feel for you. U would need to tell us your background to know how to help. I can understand if the bub wasn't planned/ you are younger than u would like to be having a baby/ not in a solid relationship/ have had a yucky pregnancy being sick, etc. Honestly, if u think that u may have serious doubts/fears about it all, I would contact your hospital and ask to speak to a social worker. U said GoldCoast hospital hey? They would have people free 2 talk too. It is not a bad thing to want to get things sorted out in your mind/heart before bub comes. Is it just a 'mood' thing OR have you felt this way all the time?
There is nothing wrong with getting help or just speaking to someone who is unbiased. It would be the best for you to get the burden off your shoulders. Does that make sense?

Hey girls,

Sharni, this is bub #3 for me, but i have never really gotten many BH with any of mine, though the ones i do get are shockers!!

Kristi, I'm sure everything is fine and it's just last minute jitters you are getting! Wondering if you can give bub the best he deserves and things like that!! I'm sure you're handling it fine!! If you ever need to talk i'm here!!

As for me!!! Well, I now have a date set for my bub to make his big arrival!!! So yes he is still definately breech!! I'm getting my scan tomorrow still so i get to see him!! YAY! I was going to not tell anyone the date i'll have him, but i can't keep it to myself!! So i'm going to be a mum again next TUESDAY!! They will do a scan before the c/s so if he has turned by himself, i might be able to have a natural birth (though i'm not holding out for it!!). So that's my news today!

i hope you are all well!!!
Has anyone heard anything from Belle? I hope she is doing ok!

Chat soon!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Congratulations Nic,

Wow - next Tuesday!! Thats fantastic, I bet your little man is going to be a cutie pie xx

I have the feeling i'm going to be the last to have my baby for some reason.. I've still got 3 weeks and 4 days till im actually due so some of these bubs are going to almost a month old! lol

I got my rocking chair on friday - its fantastic..

Not much left to get now!! Only a few tiny bits and pieces..

Anyways, hope everyones dong well!

Luv Renee

come on u ladies having ya babies today good luck!!! can't believe were starting already! thats so cool! yes im finding braxton hicks way worse this time around. but im also way more uncomfy in general this time around. i think bubs is heading south thankfully just feel really weighted down, and starting to lean foward as i walk quite strange. have a scan in morning and see midwife straigh after, so will be interesting to see if it has dropped! then its off to get Kenz her blood test! but shes doing great, and meeting the guy whos going to make her eye was brilliant! we got shown a sample 'eye' and omg flipped me right out, was tad to realistic for me haha. four weeks to go tody thankfully im so over it all! just want ot see it and hold 'it' the curiosity of how it looks is really starting to intrigue me now haha. well ladies hope all keeps going well will let u know how we get on tomorrow take care Lots of Love Kel and Kenzie xoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi Girls,

Nic, thats great news - how exciting. So you will end up having an 'April baby'! Everyones coming early!! Renee, I'm with you, I think I'll be one of the last!
Nic, I saw your photos on Maybies - you look great. I've just put some up but for some reason mine went really big and I dont know how to change the size.

Kel - that is excellent news about Kenzie's eye. You'll have to put a photo up once it is in and heeled.

Kristi, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I think Sky-Lee's right, is it just the usual pregnancy blues or do you think it's more? If there is something tough going on in your life it could be making it worse. We have been renovating for the last 8 weeks and the entire time I cried a LOT and was almost in denial about actually having the baby. As soon as the renovating was completed (Easter weekend) I started to get really excited and guess what ... no more tears! HOpefully it is just the blues but you should definately be talkng to someone if you think it's more.

Thanks Nic for your tip on the colour. I reall hope this works!


Hey girls,

Well just thought i'd pop in and let you know that Sammy had her bub yesterday just after 2pm!! Not as big as they thought he would be!! I'll let Sammy fill you in on all the details! But mum and bub are fine! So we now have our first Maybies bub!!!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey there girls,

um no i didnt have these blues at the being of my pregnancy, well not this bad any how, it was only over the chronic morning sickness i had... it mainly started over the last 2 wks, i just really want 2 cuddle my bub hey!!! i know once i do it will make it all worth while and better, and dont panic ladies ill be the last one 2 have bub, cos they told me i wouldnt make it 2 34 weeks n look at me know, ive got 2 37 weeks so i reckon ill go overdue!!!

it will be a huge weight off my mind when i finally get something organised with gold coast hospital!!! i can then speak 2 someone there!!!

Thanks heaps ladies, i really appreciate the support. My partner is stressed 2 the max at the moment 2 so he isnt quite understanding or even willing 2 understand which is upsetting but not usually like him 2 be like that, so thank god i have u guys!!!

and Congratulations Sammy, he is so beautiful...

Take care mums n bubs

YaY! the hospital called me. YaY! i have an ultrasound at 8 am thursday morning, so cant wait that long 2 get 2 see him but neways! YaY. n then a checkup with the doctor straight after...

Im Grinning from ear 2 ear... If only u ladies could see me now

Hey girls,

I just got back from my scan!! Bub isn't breech!!! Makes me wonder if he was to start with!!?? So looks like i'm back in the waiting game with you guys!!

One good thing is he's still a he!!! yay!!!!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey everyone. I got a msg at around 2am this morning from Belinda!! Her little girl 'Rori Amelia' arrived safely at 8 minutes past midnight. Sorry I haven't been on until now to tell you but I had a few things going on at home.... Been up all night, etc I won't go into details but anyway goodluck for everyone else and I thought I would just pop in for Belinda to tell you that. Hope everyone elses births go well. Bye

Hi girls!

Well I found you all! Awwww.....Sammy and Belle have their wee bubbas at last! Not long to go for the rest of us! smile

Sounds like most of us are having little niggly pains....I'm feeling pretty good, just getting a bit of pain every now and then almost like a slight period pain, a bit of back pain and sore ribs when I wake up in the morning, but apart from that it's all good smile When I saw my midwife last Thursday when she was having a feel of bubba she said that the head was really low down and did a scan just to make sure it wasn't a bum! But it wasn't, so that's fine.

Well hubby is yelling that tea's ready so I had better go eat.

Lou smile
biggest huge congrats to both belle and sammy!! my god we've started so whos next LOL since nic has pulled out of the sunroof baby club LOL. had scan at 930 this morn, baby is flip flopping and is again breech, has turned in last two days *screams* and i swear this evening we saw it turn back to head down, ten days ago mw scanned me and it was def head down but not today. so baby is being norty. Estimated weight is 6 pound, which was kenzies birth weight at term *gulp* so I now have 13 days till i see obstetrician to get this baby locked and loaded into the head down position. blood pressure was again high this morning, but by this afternoon when mw came out to check it again, it had gone down thank fully. was 140/100 this morn and 140/78 this arvo *phew* can't wait for this one to come out. im really quite miffed right now about it being breech and having another caesar i want a pop and run birth ahah hate hospitals, and a vbac would be more convenient for us anyway so i can get up and on with life and Kenzies treatments again. but oh well a happy healthy bub is more important then one thats not. so anyway ladies u take care glad to hear were all doing pretty well, lots of love Kel xoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

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