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MAYBIES 07 Lock Rss

Congrats to Belle on the birth of Rori!! I wonder who will be next! Now that it's not me!!

Well i don't know if i should let you all know what Sammy called her bub or let her do it when she gets home!! So i won't for now and will check with her first! Sorry to get your hopes up!!

Lou - Glad you found us darl!!!

Kel i hope bub stays head down for you!! VBAC here you come!!! hehe

Hi to all the other girls in here!! Thanks for the update on Belle, Amber!! How are you going?? What's going on with the story you didn't tell?? I hope you are ok!

Ok have a great night girls!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Congrats Belinda on the birth of little Rori ... it's like the Domino effect - Amber you might be next I think.
Lou, hi! The photos of you look great on Maybies.
Kel, I hope bub turns again for you.
Nic, when is you EDD? Do you think you'll be early?

Well, I had a nice day today. I have decided to take today and tomorrow off work as I have about 4 weeks of sick leave up my sleeve. I caught up with a couple of friends and tomorrow I am going to do NOTHING!! Can't wait. Then only 6 more actual working days ... feels like forever. LOL.

Hey Girls,

* Belle congratulations on the birth of Rori Amelia!! I like im sure everyone else here cant wait to see photos of your beautiful baby girl xx

* What wonderful news that your bubbas not breech Nicole! Yep, your in the waiting game with the rest of us - Were you on time/late/early with your other 2 children?

* Kristi - How are you going today? Looking forward to your appointment tomorrow??

* Amber - Are you ok honey? I hope everythings going ok for you xx

* Lou - What wonderful news that your bub's head down and low! I have a midwife appointment today and im hoping to hear the same news!

* Kel - OMG i cracked up laughing at your 'sunroof baby club' comment!! Classic - Sammy will love it, she'll kill herself laughing..

* Ange - Have a great day off today!! I only have 6 more days of work which is sooo exciting but also kinda scary at the same time.. Your nursery is looking fantastic!

I got a sms off Sammy this morning and she'll be out of hospital on Saturday (which she says - cant come quick enough). She seems to be going well, a little sore but bubs is being an angel for her.

Anyways, sorry for the long post - i'll let you all know how I go with my appointment later on.. Have a great day

Love Renee xx

Hey girls,

how we all going? wow another May birth, awesome.
Congratulations Belle on the birth of 'Rori Amelia', cant wait 2 see some pictures of her...

Renee- i cant wait lol. I kept saying 2 my partner yesterday "aww, its still tuesday" then this morning. "aww, its only wednesday". Good luck with ur appointment, hopefully they will have great things 2 tell u!!!

OMG, i have 2 tell u guys about the dream i had last nite... so trippy..! I gave birth 2 bub, he was an 11kg baby boy. very jeundice and red n splotchy and the nurse said i would be fine 2 take him straight home cos he was so big, n that he'd be easy 2 care for... Then my dream skips forward for what i guess is a few days, and fran drops isaac (my Stepson) around 2 spend the night with us and 2 see bub... the next thing is my partner n i are bathing isaac n bub, n bub at a few days old is like sitting up in the bath on his own, no need 2 hold him cos his fat helped him balance himself... it was just insane hey, i rang my mum this morning 2 tell her about it n she cracked up laughing n told me i was going crazy, she said how the hell is a bub of 11kgs going 2 fit in my stomach, n if i did have an 11kg bub in there he'd be squished in like mash potato...

I think im turning into one hell of a crazy woman..! oh well was abit of fun...

Have a good Day Ladies and Take Care

HAHA Funny dream. You gotta love it. And good to hear Kristi that you are ok with it all. When is your actual due date?

My weird night time thing is being half asleep and just waiting for my labour to start. I am thinking about it too much with all you other girlies - getting all excited.

Lou and Ange you guys look good! Lou - u r hanging really low there. I am wondering if it is a boy smile But I think we r all starting to 'hang low'.

I am excited for all of you who don't know what you are having - what a BIG suprise coming your way.

I am due in 21 days (3 wks) and still loving being pregnant. I have been having really itchy legs though. Another thing is the braxton hicks are there but not painful, just really tight when they do happen, but they don't put me off anymore.

Someone said they have been getting period type pains - "Oooo" when i hear that it makes me wonder r they going to b in labour very soon...
Going from what I have heard, that is the first type of pain that you get before bub comes??? Any experienced ones want to confirm that?

So happy for Sammy and Belinda - Congratulations guys! And happy for you too Nic - you didn't want a Caeser, so it is great to hear. Can't wait to hear how your bub is Renee.

Hi Sky-Lee.

im due the 8th May, just a day before u i see (U have 2 let me go first) lol. Belle has already put u n i 2 shame, lol. Sucks for us but is great for her!!!

I was looking at the MAYBIES07 photos yesterday, and boy i wish i had some 2 put on there, it sounds horrible 2 say but most of u are heaps bigger than me (no offence 2 anyone), i think thats got 2 be the best thing about my pregnancy is that my belly is so small and compact!!! cos its not like ive got a small build or anything, so i thought id get really big!!! im not tall either, maybe that has something 2 do with it....

Or even i might be in for a very rude awakening in these last 3 weeks i might double in size!!! lol i hope not, id be going face first into the ground if that happened lol. My boobs i think have coped the weight!!!

Hey girls,

How are you all feeling today? I'm ok, a bit tired, but that's nothing strange for me!!

Renee - My other 2 monsters were overdue!! Alex was 7 days over and Lauren waas 4 days over. So i was looking forward to having one early!! Oh well he'll be here soon enough i guess!

Ange - The EDD the hospital is using is the 7th May. But by the dates i think i can remember (was bf lauren when i got pg!) I'm due about 30th April! The 20 weeks scan was 30th but the early scan i had was the 12 may!! So they picked a number in the middle to use!! Stupid drs!!!

Kristi - Oh gotta love those dreams hey!!! I remember when i was preg with Alex i had a dream about a weed mum had told me to pull out of our garden! Anyway after mum told me to pull it out i dreamt that there was one growing at our front door! But the funny thing was the weed was so big that it hit the roof of our house and no one could get in or out of our house!! Talk about wierd!!!

Sky-Lee - Yeah i think the frist few little niggly pains were very similar to period pains. I can't wait to get them this time!! Come on baby!!! And i am glad i don't need to join the sunroof baby club! HAHA

I have started drinking my raspberry leaf tea again!!! I'm on my second cup today!! I am getting used to the taste too, but after the tea bags are gone i think i will get some tablets!

Kel - Great news about meeting the eye guy!! I bet you can't wait til all this is over for poor little Kensie!

Anyway hi to everyone i missed!! Hope you are all doing well!

Chat soon!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey Girls,

Well my appointment went really well.

I had a grad student with the midwife for this apointment, she was really nice. The midwife got her to measure my fundal height and also feel the position of the baby. She was feeling for a while and said to the MW 'I think the head may be up near her ribs' The MW came over and checked and said 'you know what I think you may be right'.. She asked me if the baby had been active over the past day (which the bub has been) and continued to feel.. Luckly after a while she said 'oh here we go - this is def a little leg - its just chubby' hahahaha!!!

She told me that bubs head is engaged and that bubs is in a perfect position (LOA) - bubs spine in on the left side of my body. She also said my bubs is a good healthy size. When I asked her how big she said 'should be spot on around 8 pounds which is fantastic, not too big and not too small' so im happy about that. I was 6 pounds 10 ounces and hubby was 9 pound 10 or so.. so 8 is fantastic smile just right.

Heartbeat's nice and strong and my blood pressure's perfect.

Im stoked with this news xx Just gotta wait now!!

Hey ladies thank you so much it was a bit of a shock i didnt think i would go that early but she is here safely.
Rori Amelia Franks was born at 12:08am on 17th April after 9.5 hours of labour. she is 3.150kg ( 6lb 15.5ozs) 47.5 cm long and her head was 35cm.
I had an epidural that only worked on one side so i was dead on the right but i could feel everything on the left which was a bugger.
Rori is still in hospital at the moment hopefully she can come home tomorrow afetrnoon she is jaundice and has been put in the special care nursery for 24 hours of light treatment.
well better go lie down
Congrats Sammy on your little boy.
I have put photos on maybies of my little princess
ok i wont be on at all today it looks like Rori wont be coming home today her bilirubbin (sp)levels are still a bit high she had a blood test at 9pm last night to check the levels and they had gone up a bit so they changed her treatment a bit and then she had abother test at 6am and her levels had gone down but they werent at the safe stage yet which is where they have to be for 6 hours before she can come home. i went and saw her last night but it is so hard as you can only cuddle her for about 10 min then she has to go back under the lights. I will take some photos of her today sunbaking she looks like she is in a tanning salon she has to wear these little eye goggles to protect her eyes.
I have so much respect now for parents who have sick babies that are in the special care nursery or in the nicu i dont knopw how they do it. It is so emotionally draining to leve her behind when you walk out to go home and then when you wake up in the morning because your boobs hurt from not feeding for 8 hours.
Oh well good luck to all still waiting i hope for your sake they come on time
Love Belle
Hi ladies..

Seems like its been ages since ive been on here, had trouble signing in with this updated site...

Firstly congratualtions to Sammy & Belinda!!!!

Belle- Hope your little girl is home with you very soon..will have to look at pics of your little princess.. Beautiful name too.

Nic- Good to hear bubs is head down & not breech..

Renee- Hi birth buddy.. Have recieved your mobile number..Looking forward to announcing your exciting news..

Sounds like a few of us are having these niggly pains.. I have my 36 week check-up today at the hospital & will find out my C-Sec date.. YAY!! Im feeling huge, she's still sitting fairly high & wedged under the ribs...Wondering how big she will be, Emi was 6lbs 3oz..

Hope everyone is doing well & cant wait to hear who is next..

Take Care..

Emilee 16 months.. Kaitlin Rose 11/05/07 Finally got that website for you ladies having boys and thinking about circumsision. This doc uses a modern method, not the usual method we would all b thinking of.

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