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MAYBIES 07 Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

Thanks Sky-Lee for sending through that website.

Belle & Sammy, your photos are beautiful. I can't wait to have my little bub now.

I'm off to my obst in about half an hour and then this afternoon I have farewell drinks with some of my clients. (Although I won't be drinking). So a nice cruisy day. Then only 5 more working days! Yipee!!

Sky-Lee, I saw you put photos on Maybies but for some reason they aren't opening for me. Is anyone else having trouble?


hey girlies,

how is everyone feeling?

went to the doctors this morning, which u know i was so excited about doing!! had my ultrasound and the first thing that came up on the screen was bubs belly... Yep hes Posterior, but totally healthy and a total cutie... so then i had 2 wait around and have the doctor see me, she did some feeling around my belly and said he's fully engaged n ready 2 go... then did my blood pressure n it was 140/100... so now they want 2 induce me n get bub delivered..! She sat me down n explained everything they can do 4 me n bub eg. trying 2 turn him etc. so i sorta have an idea about whats going on, i couldnt really take it all in, it was such a shock..! so how i have 24 hrs 2 get bub 2 turn, n 2 do that i have 2 sit on all 4's for 20-30 mins a couple of times 2day... and go back 2 the hospital in the morning n have another ultrasound and tests etc if bubs is still posterior then they will induce me 2moro... omg im so scared..! she said its alot harder 2 deliver posterior n alot more painful... im also abit excited cos it might be that ill be holding my bub 2moro and it will be all over..!! wow, im just totally flipped out!!!

i better go anyway... i went 2 the video shop n hired some movies so im going 2 spend the day on all 4's watching them...

hope u r all well..!

Belle- i hope u get 2 bring Rori home very soon!

Skye-Lee- whens ur next appointment? have u had ne pains or nethin?

Ange- how did u go at ur appointment?

take care n speak soon

Funny thing is - makes me feel better to hear you are struggling a bit too. Sorry. Just spend an hour to read all your messages and got to know a little about you.

I am Marion from Perth - seems like a long way away from everybody else. Due with my little girlie on the 24. May. I am an OLD mummy! 43 years old and made it so far, unbelievable and soooo exiting. My son, is already 10, and looking forward to being a big brother and babysitter ($$$). First time I had to deal with pre ecclampsia this time it is diabetes. I am so glad that I am being so well looked after. We are very lucky girls, dont you think so too?

All the best to all of you!

Hey Kristi,

All I can say is good luck for tomorrow!!!! Wow, how exciting.. another Maybie's having their baby..

Ive only got another 3 weeks to go tomorrow, and im getting pretty excited.. Does it still seem surreal to anyone else?

Quick question.. For all those that found out the sex of your bub - do you wish that you hadn't? Likewise with those that didnt find out?? Im stoked that I didnt find out, although im going a bit nutty.. 'is it a boy, is it a girl' hubby and I have even resorted to asking the tummy.. LOL we wait for kicks - we are nutters!! LOL

Skylee - Last day of work tomorrow - I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope they all spoil you to death..

Belle - The photos of Rori are soo cute! I hope your able to take your sweet princess home really really soon..

Anyways, better have dinner - hubbys spoiling me, cooked me a lovely meal

Luv Renee

Belinda I am thinking of you! Keep in touch hun!

To everyone else you may remember me saying about our dates being a real coincidence (sp?) but I'll say it again:

From youngest to eldest these are the dates of our bdays:
Tayah(daughter)- 23rd
me(ME!!!)- 26th
Nick(husband)- 29th....

See a pattern? Apparently the baby should come on the 20th... TOMORROW!!!!! How scary but I doubt it'll happen! Doesn't everyone think I am weird for thinking this? lol I am not usually supersticious (sp?)

Anyway talk soon!

Hey Amber,
I remember you saying that and was wondering if it would happen. How weired if it does!!!! Good luck.

My obst went well today. Everything is fine and bubs is in position but I'm not engaged yet. The general feeling is I'm going to be Late. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and still have another week of work so I'm not too bothered if I go over. It would be nice to have a couple of weeks at home to relax before the baby comes along...

WOW #3 already!! good luck and best wishes Kristi! be thinking of you and can't wait to hear details! blood pressure seems to be settling at a similar pattern thankfully. although would love baby out now LOL. should be careful not to say that to much coz were just not ready have yet to get babies room ready been to busy of late, so we've set this weekend aside for it! well ladies hope your all having a great day!! and Ange, baby engaging may not happen till u even go into labour, but here's hoping u don't go to over honey coz it apparently aint nice haha. have a great day girls! lots of Love Kel oxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi all just an update we are hoping Rori will be able to come home today but it is not looking promising she is still under the lights and it is 8:30am. her levels have to be normal for 12 hours out of the lights before she will be able to come home. I it so hard leaving her there i wouldnt wish this on anyone.
I have a tip for you all. either start using metamucil now or as soon as you have bubs because it is one thing you dread when you have them is to go to the toilet to do a poo you want it as soft as it can be so it doesnt hurt. Also if you have a natural birth and maybe have a little tear or need to be cut drink ural or something similar it takes the sting out of your wee and makes it easier to go
hope this helps
love Belle
I think that is a good tip about the Metamucil. My aunty mentioned that to me too.

Hey Ange - no stress - bubs will come when it is ready. I can't believe you are working to 39 weeks. Well done! Your hubby should b proud of u.

Lou - are you all finished with your dresses?

Renee - DEFINATELY no regrets about finding out about our bub being a boy. And will most probably find out for the next one too. If I get a girl next - maybe I can leave the 3rd as a suprise wink

Kristi - all the best for you!

I think once we all have our bubs - we should start using the maybies site as our chat area. Does anyone else agree? That way we can all post our own labour stories; set up different forums for different issues, etc. What do you all think?

My last day today, very happy! Just feeling it is perfect time to leave. I am getting to a stage where I need to get myself together. And I guess I have to admit that I am feeling a little tired...

BTW Hi Marion! Yes, we have all been chatting since very early on in our pregnancies, and it has been so nice knowing that there are other people out there going through exactly the same things.

You girls have all been great!!!

well, i thought i would say hi.. i only just joined and this is the first forum for mums with bubs due in may that i have found. im almost 18 and my first bub is due on the 23rd may

Hi girls!

Well it's a gorgeous sunny day here in a nice change from the rainy cold weather we've been having lately.

Skylee....yep, all my dresses are done! The last one got picked up this morning.....WOO HOO!!!! It's such a nice feeling knowing I've got no more work to do smile So now I can just get a few last minute things organised and relllaaaxxxxx smile

Am still feeling great. I don't know why, but I find I'm sleeping more comfortably now....maybe because bubba's dropping and I'm not so squished up under my ribs. But then my heart burn's coming back a not sure what's goin on! But it's all good, I can't complain smile It's official, I can no longer put on my own sneakers! I did it the other day and regretted a period type ache for a wee while, bubs head is smack bang in the way wink And hubby's cute, he dries my legs off after my showers....make's life so much easier! Someone asked a while ago if people had stopped wearing their rings......yup, I stopped wearing mine about 3 months ago!! There's no way they're going over my knuckles!

Whoever asked about finding out bubs sex....(Renee??)....we're glad we didn't find out....and yes we too even resort to asking 'the tummy' smile Still, not long to go until we find out!!

Anyway girls, I have a midwife appointment in 25 minutes so had better get a move on. Hope all you lovelies have a fab afternoon!

Lou smile
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