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MAYBIES 07 Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

Ummm, I have to remember everything I want to say.

Sky-Lee - saw your pictures on Maybies, they look great. You are glowing!! Also, I'm happy to start chatting via the Maybies website.

Renee - we are pleased we didn't find out although last week my OBST did a quick scan and asked if I wanted to know.... was so tempted, but thought well, we've gone this far so why not wait! I'm adamant it's going to be a boy.

Belle - thanks for the tip, and sorry you might not be taking Rori home today. How awful for you having to leave each night. HOpefully tomorrow??

Lou - YAY! Dresses all done. Well done, and enjoy your break between now and bubs arriving.

Nic - haven't seen you around for a while???? Is everything okay?

Kristi - good luck for today.

Welcome to all the new girls (Marion & Beck).

To everyone else (Kel, Kel, Amber, Sammy), hope you're going okay.

My hubby and I are off to Rye this weekend (about an hour away from where we live). I am totally looking forward to it - will be doing NOTHING. Am taking my labour bag just in case...

Hey Girls,

Well today is Friday so that means im officially 37 weeks! Woo hoo, not long now..

Beck - Welcome!!! Its always nice meeting new ladies and chatting about experiences etc.. Its been awesome meeting everyone on here, I really value friendships/advice etc smile its great..

Lou- haha yay im not the only nutter!

Ange- do you 'ask the belly too' ?? LOL

Skylee - I think Maybies is a good idea smile I hope your having a great last day at work, it'll be nice for you to relax just enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!

Belle - Hows your beautiful little angel? I hope the jaundice is cleared up.. Stay strong honey, it wont be long. Thanks for the tip too! I'd hear of using Ural but not the other.. Will def do that! Any less pain is a great thing.

I got another text off Sammy today saying that she's going home at lunch time today which is so Awesome xx Im certain we'll all hear from her on here very soon..

I've been reading a book called 'Active Birth' I've found it really really good - very positive.. Anyone else read it yet?

Anyways, im off to a work lunch - woo hoo

Have a great day x

Renee xxooxxoo

Hi SkyLee, thank you for not ignoring me. I do understand that you all have a very special bond and enjoyed reading all about your worries and excitements. I wish you girls all the very best for the final round. Marion from Perth
hey Marion i hope you haven't had to many troubles through your pregnancy and that it has been fairly easy for you .

Well i have news


when they did the blood test last night her levels were borderline and then when they checked her this morning they were right down and then the test they did before we left came back as normal i am so happy. AT the moment she is asleep in her bassinette. To top it off Zac now understands what is going on and for te last 24 hours has been asking where is the baby so he knows he has a baby sister.
well better go and have something to eat before she needs another feed.
Love Belle

Im soooooo happy for you!!! What wonderful news!!!

Enjoy all the cuddles with your new angel, you waited long enough for them xx How is Rori feeding etc??

Marion - You'll have to tell us more about yourself smile Do you have msn?

I was speaking to Nic the other day and she got a virus on her computer so i'd say that she's getting it fixed.

Kel (Emis Mum) - I cant wait to announce the birth of your child too!!! Wonder who'll be first hehe..

Amber - Any news yet hun? Or that hospital still stuffing you around grrr...

Everyone got a busy weekend coming up?? Im going out to a friends b'day Sat night and thats about it. So exciting, Tyrone has his last shift tomorrow morning smile I still cant believe he'll no longer be working shift work!! Its going to be soo fantastic x

Anyways, Better get back to work


Hi everyone,

My name is shani and i am due with my second on the 24th May.
i have a 2 yr old boy and i am having agirl this time.

i have 4 days of work left and then i fly out to darwin to have my baby.

when i went to the midwives on tuesday she was breech. But no biggy as a scheduled ceaser anyways:)

good luck ladies.
Hi Marion,

are u having abit of a tuff time in ur pregnancy?? i am, but i have alot of things 2 be greatful for aswell, it could be a hell of alot worse... How many weeks are u? what symptoms have u had so far??

Welcome Shales. how have things been going so far for you?

**today due 2 my hard work last night i got bub 2 turn, it was either my being on my all 4's on my birthing ball for all that time last night or he was just being a lil bugger n putting on a show 4 the midwife n his mummy...**

but i got a very clear look at his face, n he is just the most adorable lil thing ever!!! n his Great Aunty Annette will get 2 say he is as bald as a badger just as she did 2 me when i was a baby (i was baldish with the slightest layer of white hair until 18mths)

Wow Belle!!! lil Rori is home, i bet u are so relieved! i dont think id cope with having 2 leave bub in the hospital id be just 2 worried about what was going on while i wasnt there!!! i reckon ill just watch bub constantly, ill drive my family nuts, lol.

I cant believe some of u ladies are still working..! I cant imagine being this far pregnant and still working, i finished at 34 wks n was still struggling getting thru my shifts!!!

Hope all u mums n bubs are well, anyone got anything nice planned for the weekend??

Take care

Kristi xx

Hi ladies..

Welcome to Marion, Shani & beck.. Hope you had a nice pregnancy so far with no hiccups..

Belle- Great to hear you have your little princess home with you.. Awww how does it feel having a little girl after 2 gorgeous boys..

Renee- Good to hear DH wont being doing shift work & now that bubs is almost here..

Lou- Im also experiencing the period cramps, mine started yesterday & have been on & off since.. Apparently they say its apart of pre-term labour tho im only 36 weeks so I could have a few weeks of thins yet.. What a sweet DH you have..

Ange- Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend away..

Sammy- Cant wait to hear about your little one.. Hope you & bubs are both doing well..

Us- Went to my hospital appt on Thursday, my Ob's now wants me to do the 2hr glucose test on Monday now that im 36 weeks.. My GP should of sent me off for that one but told me not too worry about it. Now a little worried as ive been into easter eggs & sweets lately.. Hope all comes back fine. Also having another scan on Tuesday to check bubs, didnt get to find out C-Sec date will know next week & will be having it at 39 weeks not 38 weeks..
For DF & I things are looking really ugly, im pretty much a single mummy anyway.. Its been a realy tough time so far & alot of stress which is unfair the wasy he's treating me & that im 36 weeks pregnant.. Anyway thinking of packing my bags & shifting but at the dsame time waiting till the bubs is here & see if things change & he may see things in a different way..

Oh sorry girls I just wrote a novel, had to get that off my chest.
Hope everyone is well, looking forward to more baby news.

Emilee 16 months.. Kaitlin Rose 11/05/07

Hey girls,

Sorry i've been MIA!! But some lovely person sent me a virus and i have only just gotten my computer going again!!!

Hi to Beck, Marion and Shani, Welcome to the lovely Maybies group!! I hope your pregnancies have gone well so far!! Not much longer for us all now!!

Yay Belle - it's so good to hear Rori is home!!

Kristi - OMG!!! Does your little man want to make an entrance??? I better sms you to see if he's still in there!!!

Hi to everyone else!! I'll catch up on more personals later!!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Well i just had the dom midwife out to see Rori and all is not well she has lost more weight since she was discharged 2 days ago so i now have 48 hours to get her to gain weight or she will be readmitted. I know part of the problem is my milk it hasnt come in properley yet so now i have to feed her when ever she wants it and also express every 2 hours to try and get my supply up. at the moment she weighs 2.658kgso she has lost 40gms in 2 days and she should have gained that plus some.

I hope you are all well and i hope you are all getting alot of rest
Love Belle
Ohh, Belle that's no good about Rori not gaining weight!!! I hope she starts packing it on soon for you so she doesn't have to go back to hospital! I hope your milk comes in soon and she gets a good feed!!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey Belle,

Fingers crossed that everything works out well for you and Rori.. Let us know how everything goes x

Hey Nic - Good to see your back up and running!! That virus is a bugger huh grr..

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, its cold and rainy here right now.. just about to watch a dvd.. Oh its so great having hubby home too smile I cant stop smiling

Renee x

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