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Hey girls,

Can you tell i was having withdrawals from the interent??

Anyway, I got my capsule today, so now i'm set and it's in the car waiting for Matty to make his big entrance!! *come on baby*

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Sammy and Belle i hope your bubs are behaving for you!!

Chat soon

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

hey ladies! belle, congrats on having a precious wee girl! and fingers crossed she starts to podge up for u pretty quickly to avoid another stay in hospital! its frustrating with little ones health isnt it! I am so over being pregnant! My mate who was due a week before me, had her baby on wed, however he didnt survive more then 3 hours due to underdeveloped lungs, that wouldn't sustain his life gasp( real sad!! so have a funeral to go to on tues, which im toying up wether to go or not. mainly due to the fact, does she need to see my belly and have that shoved in her face if ya know what i mean! also our genetic testing came back, Kenz cancer is hereditary which puts it into a whole new game play! BUT the trick with hers is, she has what is called a de nova mutation which means it is hereditary, but SHE is the first one in line to develop it. so baby has a 2% chance of having this cancer, which blood from umbilical cord will be taken at birth, to test, but Kenz has a 50% chance of passing it onto her kids, so she will when she gets to that age, have her eggs harvested and tested before pregnancy! also with each year of her life, she increases by 1% a chance to develop other cancers, so 1% a year increase, by the time shes 20 thats 20% chance. so we will unfortunately never be clear of any chance with her, so this weekend has been just as hard for us as when she first got diagnosed. but our heads are slowly coming around to things, and were trying not to worry to much unless seomthing if anything happens down the track. there is a chance to the same cancer will return to other eye, which is something we obviously do not want. it also means she will be closely monitored for the rest of her life which is a good thing. also been told the fact she is having chemo NOW is a great thing, as it decreased the chance of the retinoblstoma coming into her other eye. will know more in about 10 days when she has her first evaluation under a general. but i hope all u loverly ladies are having a perfect weekend, and looking foward to your births or getting them over and done with LOL. Sammy and Belle, I hope your enjoying your wee bundles of Joy, I know i can't wait for mine to be out!! Lots of Love Kel xoxoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi Ladies,

Okay, this is going to be a LONG post because I have heaps of 'personals' that I need to get through.

First though, we had a lovely weekend away down in Rye. Even though all we did was sit around inside in front of the fire I now have developed a full blown cold so I am trying to take it easy this week. I really don't want to go into labour with a cold - couldn't think of anything worse. Luckily work is really just about me tying things up so should be pretty restful!

I had my 'leaving drinks' with about 30 of my clients last Thursday and they all put in and got me the 'nappy service' which I wanted to try. The service will deliver a weeks worth of nappies each Monday and take away the dirty ones. I have about 12 weeks and if I like it will keep going with it.

Okay, here we go:

Sky-Lee - I hope you're enjoying your time at home now. I'm looking forward to joining you next Monday!

Lou - Your husband sounds so sweet. (And I hear you about the sneakers!)

Sammy - You'd be home by now. How's it going - hope things are okay with you and little bubs.

Belle - Great news that you're home. Did you manage to get little Rori's weight back up? Hope you're still home.

Amber - Any news?????

Marion - Welcome to Maybies.

Sharni - You mentioned that you fly to Darwin to have your bubs - where to you live now?

Kirsti - Well done for turning bub. Thats great news.

kel - Sorry to hear about you and DF. Hang in there sweets. Bubs will be here soon and then see how things go.

Nic - Welcome back!! Glad your virus has gone ... I was starting to wonder if you were going to be the next Maybies to have bubs.

Kel - So sorry to hear about Kenzie's cancer being hereditary but the stats are pretty low for this bub by the sounds of things??? Kenzie's situation is going to be so hard for you and your hubby (and her in time) and I'm so sad that you had to deal with all of that news over the weekend. My heart really goes out to you.
Also, I know how you feel about your friend. My girlfriend lost her bub at 35 weeks (when I was 31) and it is just awful being around her because I feel so guilty. Good luck if you do go to the funeral... Thinking of you.

Sorry for the long post everyone and I hope I haven't missed anyone!


Ohh Kel - That's such sad news for you about kensie!! It's good that she will be monitered so closely though!! Poor little thing, my thoughts are with you and your family! I think you should go to the funeral, especially if she was a good and close friend, she will probably need to know you are there to support her and that she can come to you if she needs it! Just my opinion!!

I hope all you other girls are well!! Are there anymore Maybies bubs out yet?? Mine is still hanging in there! I have a check up at 3 today, so i'm hoping this will be my last one! Wishful thinking maybe but i have to try to think positively!!

Have a good day girls, i'll give you and update this toninght or tomorrow!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey Kel,

Im so so sorry to hear that news about little Kensie - you are in my thoughts and i'll be praying for you both her and yourself (im a christian).

In regards to your friend, I have to agree with Nic and would still go. She'd need every bit of support she can get, and I think she'd be really grateful if you went. Of course its up to you, if you couldnt handle it (you've been through so much lately) i'd just send a nice card.

Anyone heard if Kristi has had her bub yet??

Amber - Hopefully things have gotten better for you..

Skylee - Hows being home going for you?? So jealous right now lol..

Sammy - Tute Tute.. your little man is adorable

Nic - Cant wait to hear how you went today

Ange - How was that relaxing weekend of yours?

Lou - Have you popped yet hun??

Kel (Emis mum)- Are you going ok, I hope so xxx

Well i think thats everyone..
(sorry if ive forgotten anyone)

Renee xxoox

Hi Renee, thanks for thinking of me smile Well I am up checking emails and then will be back off to bed soon. As I told you in msn what's been happening with the hospitals and the high blood pressure, protein in wee etc. Nick's had to leave work to look after Tayah and it's not good at all as he's an apprentice. So hoping we'll go into labour soon but false hopes. I am beginning to see that this lead up stuff is only that! I didn't have any of this with Tayah she just popped. Anyway, nick is getting me lunch so I better get going and wait for him to come back home. My appts are still monthly appts, I don't understand, Nick rang up the hospital today and the midwife he spoke to was pretty nasty to him. This treatment isn't too nice. Again, thanks for thinking of me and I will chat to you on msn next time we're on together. Xox. LOL I just realised ur on!

HI Everyone!
I can't believe how close everyone seems to having their little bubs out. I am not due till the 22nd May. I think I must be about the last
Congratulations to those who have had their babies. So jealous of you!
I hope that all you ladies who are not feeling the best feel better soon.
Hi and welcome to the other Shani too. We have boys very close in age and are due very close as well.

Happy Mum, TAS, DS 14/10/2004, DD 25/5/07

Hey girls,

Well i'm back from my app and bubs head is a fair way engaged so looks like i might not be far off having my little monster now!! OMG i'm getting nervous!! I still remember all too well the pain from Lauren!!! Cause bubs head is so far down and he isn't my first the dr said that i'd be dilating, so keep watching for some updates!! Hopefully in the next few days!!!

Kristi hasn't had bub yet! I sms'd her yseterday and she had to go for another check up or something! Man preggy brain sucks!!

Sorry this is such a "me" post! But i have to go get my kids from daycare so i best be off!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Morning girls

How's everyone doing today?

Kel - my thoughts are with you and your family, stay strong.

Nic - so bubs head is's the waiting game now!

Sharni - hang in there, not long for you to go either!!

Renee - my hubby's home with me too at the mo as he's in between work, it's nice huh!

Amber - how's things going with you?

Ange - yuk, I've got a cold too, have had it for just over a week, and like you am resting up in the hope that it clears before bubs arrives. So wrap up warm and put your feet up!

Skylee - I'm keen to use the Maybies site to chat. Hope you're enjoying being able to relax now that you've finished work. Haven't heard from you in a still hanging in there??

Kel (Emi's mum) - How you doing lately? Let us know when you find out your C-sect date.

Belle - how's your precious wee Rori doing?

Sammy - hope your little man is doing well, and you! Can't wait to see some pics smile

Sorry if I've missed anyone! Well apart from this cold I've got I'm feeling pretty good. My energy levels seemed to have gone up a tad, and am sleeping more comfortably now. We have our last antenatal class this week.....I can't believe how it's made time fly! I've put some pics up on the Maybies site, they're from my friends wedding a few weekends ago that I was matron of honour for, from my brothers wedding this weekend been and a belly pic that my mum took for us (she's a professional photographer so it comes in handy!).

Also, Ange, I think you were organising the whole birth announcement thing........I kinda missed all that 'cos I wasn't on much around that time, and if I could be a big pain in the butt, if there's anyone else in the same boat that wants to partner up with me that'd be great......otherwise maybe one of you kiwi girls might be able to announce bubbas birth to all these lovely girls?? Let me know smile

Anyways, best be going and getting out of my jarmies
...actually, regarding the birth announcement doesn't even have to be a kiwi girl as I can text aussie phones really it there's anyone who would be happy to do it, let me know smile
Hi Lou,

No worries, I was actually left without a partner and had asked Renee to annouce my birth as well as Kel's.

If you e-mail me your mobile to we can announce each others.

Nic - good luck sweets! Don't be scared ... yeah right!!!! We'll hopefully hear some exciting news soon.

Hey Lou,

I'll announce it for you if you like!!! Just email your number and then i'll send you a message and we can go from there!!

Hope everyone is well!! Where are all the new girls?? I hope you are all doing fine!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

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