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Hey All you lovely Ladies
how are you all doing?
I am just fine at home taking it easy i have mum here helping me out for the week she is so overjoyed with her grandson smile

Ryder David McCutchan was born on Monday 16th April at 2:19pm via elective c-section weighing 7Ib 11oz 49.5cm long and 36cm head still a rather good size smile he is just adorable
we are both doing well though im still a bit sore from c-section but taking it a day at a time smile

Congrats to Belle on the birth of her baby girl too and i love the name its so pretty smile

To all the rest of you not long to go at all how are you all feeling?

right sorry this is so short i have 30mins before im due to get bubs up for a feed smile gunna have a cuppa before i do then its nap time fo me
will be on again soon

Take Care
Love Sammy xx

hello Ladies i hope we are all well.
The Dom Midwife just came to see Rori and she has put on 55gms in 2 days so she doesnt have to go back in Yay. I dont think i could have handled that I have just got myself into a routine with the housework and the kids.
Any way better go got clothes to fold and put away. Have a nice day
Love Belle
Hey Belle,

Thats fantastic news!!!! Good to hear little Rori is putting some weight back on.

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the last legs of this beautiful process.

Lou, the wedding photos look great. So many weddings but no celebrations drinks for you sad but well worth it I am sure.

Ange, your pics look great too, no stretch marks - looking good. I have started to get some on my pant line only, so I really can't complain, they are not too bad at all.

I am having probs with signing in, so lovely Renee has posted this for me. I am feeling great. So happy to be on time off. Renee and Ange - you guys are just gonna love it! I am looking forward to if for you's.

Bubs has been moving around alot. If anything I want my boy out for he can have a good stretch. He must be so cramped in there. He is making night times a little more interesting; I find I lay awake sometimes just staring. I try sleeping on the side but I always wake up on my back - it is like he is a buoy and keeps floating to the surface. Is anyone else sleeping on their backs alot? I have my 38 wk checkup on Thurs, so I'll keep you posted. Hopefully I can sign on by then.

All the best to those who might currently be in labour, te he he. You just never know these days!


Hi again

Ange, I have emailed you my details to be my 'announcement buddy', so Nic, thanks for the offer, but Ange needed a partner anyway so it all worked out smile

Belle, great to her little Rori is putting on some weight smile

Skylee, I had a little trouble signing in too....I can't come straight to the forum and sign in there, it just won't work, I have to go first to the main homepage and sign in, and then click on the forum to be able to do it. Not sure if that will help??

Lou smile

Hi Girls,

Lou - the wedding dresses are gorgeous - you are so clever! You look really great in the photos too. I love the one of your belly that your Mum took. I showed my hubby this morning and we think we are going to give it a go too.

Sky-Lee, I'm so glad your enjoying being at home. I know that feeling about your little one needing a big stretch! Not long now.

Belle, great news about little Rori. I'm sure thats a big relief to know she'll be staying home with you from now.

Hi ladies..

kel- Sorry to hear about Kenzie..Thinking of you, kenzie & family through this difficult time..

Nic- Great to hear bubs is engaged... Not long to go now.

sammy- Good to hear you & Ryder are doing well.. Gald to hear the C-Sec went all well.. Take it easy..

Belle- Good news about Rori. I had the same problem with Emi, she kept losing weight, i wasnt producing any milk tho so put her onto formula after a week.

skylee- I cant sleep on my back, find i cant breathe from the pressure of the baby.. Oh i cant wait to be able to sleep on my back & belly again..

lou- Hope you are heaps better & the cold has dissapeared.. yay for the last antennatal class..

Renee- thanks for thinking of us.. Hope you are doing well.. Not long to go now..

Us- Had my glucose test (2hr) yesterday.. All came back fine.. Didnt think that it would make much of a difference being almost 37 weeks & 2.5 weeks till C-Sec. Had a sizing scan today, she is approx 2.6kg, 5pd 11oz.. Emi was the same at this time also & was 6pd 3oz- 2.8kg born at 37+6 weeks..
Also they said shes right down in the pelvis & GP reckons not much longer.. yay!! Happy with that..
Still dont know date for C-Sec, supposed to find out this week, hoping so..

Hope everyone is doing well,looking forward to more baby news.. Who's going to be next.????


Emilee 16 months.. Kaitlin Rose 11/05/07

Hi everyone,

Sorry i showed up then went but i had a couple of busy days at work.

Ange i live in a remote community in the NT called Nhulunbuy or Gove depends on who you ask. It was on the news monday and tuesday nights due to a death at the mine out here.
anyways the hospital here doesnt have any surgeons so i have to fly into to have a repeat csection. All my family are in Darwin so we are staying with them for about 5 weeks. It will be great to catch up with people as we only moved here 9 months ago for hubbys work.

Sharni hope things are going well for you, your right there is just over a month between your oldest and mine and i am due may 24th. So you are not the last...

I am so over being pregnant and i still have 3.5 weeks to go. I cant seem to sleep comfortably because my back and neck hurt now.

anyways ladies best of luck for everyone and i hope this time my post sticks!
Hey girls,

Well no news here yet!! We went to the morning service yesterday with my dad and brother and sister, BIL and thier kids. Had a ball!!! We even got to see a "Purple Heart" which an american guy had gotten from one of the wars!! I've never seen one before!! Anyway just as we were about to leave, he came over to me and gave presidential $1 coin printed this year!! He said it was for Lauren so i'm putting it away for her. We also got some photos of me, him and Lauren I'll post them on Maybies when i get a sec! He still lives in america and comes over every year for the anzac day services! Sorry can you tell he made my day!!

Ok well sorry for the "me" post!! Hope you are all well!!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey Girls,

Well im pretty excited - today is my second last day of work!! I thought that i'd be a bit sad, but im just so over it this week - I wanna be at home taking nanna naps and getting the house organised smile

It was lovely to spend the day with my boy yesterday - didnt do much, but it was great.

Not long to go now - 2 weeks tomorrow!!

hi everyone,

wow what a stressful week first i was going to be induced and now im not being induced..! wish they would make their minds up, getting me really excited...

i went in there for a checkup today and they said i still have 4/5 to go (which means he's come back out, cos i had 2/5 to go last friday) and she said that it will be 3 wks b4 they will induce me, unless my bp goes up again it was 130/80 today, on tuesday night my bp was 154/90...

so if anyone can give me some little home remedies 2 bring on labour would b great..!

how is everyone else n their bubbies going?

Skylee- great 2 hear that u r enjoying ur time off, i dont know how u r able 2 sleep on ur back, i surely cant without gettng aches and pains...

Renee- enjoy ur last days at work, ull love having some rest before bubs comes.

Belle- how is lil Rori going? how are u recovering?

Nic- sounds like u had a nice anzac day, ill have 2 get a quick look at those photos of alex n lauren.

Sammy- ryder is an awesome name..! And he is so so cute, im so jealous..! i want my bub so badly, lol. how is he going? how r u recovering?

Kel- sorry 2 hear about lil kenzie, i had 2 read back a fair bit 2 understand what was going on, she sounds like such a strong lil thing, a real little fighter..! i saw a photo of her on the maybies site, she is absolutely gorgeous, hope everything is going well for u and this pregnancy, im sure its hard enough doing it being a 2nd pregnancy but with all ur added stresses, my well wishes really go out 2 u... + i think kenzie will be the bestest big sister a bub could ever have..!

Ange,Lou,Amber,Sharni,Kel(Emi's mum) - how is ur pregnancies going? Not long 2 go now...

well i better be off... sorry about the long post, hope i havnt missed anyone out

Take Care Mums n Bubs

Kristi xx

Hi Girls,

Well, I just got back from my obst appt and I thought I had dropped but it turns out if I have, it's only a little bit so I think bubs is pretty happy where he/she is. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and hanging for my last day of work - Renee, I hear you! I am so over work, I can't wait to be at home. In fact I almost want bubs to be 'late' so that I can enjoy at least a week or two on my own to have naps and watch DVD's!!!

Well, better go - have an appt at 3pm and need to prepare. (my last appt, yay!)

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