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Hi ladies..

Today I had my Ob's appointment.. Found that C-sec is going to be on the 11th May.. He was trying to get me in for the 6th but couldnt.. ill be 39+1 weeks then..So 2 more weeks & we will be meeting our little girl..
Been getting lots of BH's & pains in the groin.. Her movements have slowed right down also..

Hope everyone is well..

Emilee 16 months.. Kaitlin Rose 11/05/07

hey kel,

just a quick question about c-sect's...

do they do all elective c-sect's early??

cos if they disturb bub b4 there naturally ready for c-sect's they should be able 2 induce u early 2...

sorry if that sounds really stupid, im probably just thinking up ridiculus things cos im just so so ready 2 c n cuddle my bub..!


He he he Kristi, it's worth a try hey!! haha.

Congrats on your c/sect date Kel. I bet you can't wait for it to come quick enough!!

Have a good night girls!!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

i even tried crying 2 the doctor didnt work..! lol.

ill give anything a go hey!!

hey girls,

Now i can't remember, so, We have had a pressie from our pressie swap go missing!!! So if you had Kel (Kakkles) let me know and we'll see if we can find out about it! i think i remember who it was but my mind is like crap at the moment!! So just send me an email please!! Hopefully we can find out where it is!

Thanks girls!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi ladies..

kristi- I think they like to do the Elective C-sec somewhere early in the 39th week to prevent going into labour especially if this is your 2nd baby or more.. With Emi i was booked in just 2 days before due date but had her early due to low fluid. I have heard most hospitals wont induce early unless there are complications same goes with C-Sec. Good luck!!!

Nic- Thanks.. Yeah excited that we know a date, really looking forward to meeting her especially all the problems here at home for the past 2 1/2 months.. Hope your doing well.


Emilee 16 months.. Kaitlin Rose 11/05/07

Good morning everyone!

Having a lovely lazy day today, I am actually about to go back to sleep, as I had a really yucky sleep last night.

Congratulations to Ange and Renee, finishing up today. You girls are really going to love it. Just don't make too many plans for next week. I made that mistake and am feeling a bit tired from being busy busy busy.

Sammy - I have so many questions about what it is like being a mummy now. But I won't ask, cause I am almost there myself. And really, there are so many, so it is not worth going on and on.

Lou - I reduced my 'cookies' setting and it seems to let me log in now. I think that was the issue. How you are feeling well.

Hope everyone else is doing good!

Bubs is really getting under my ribs constantly now. Hubby says he is coming on the 2nd or the 7th. I am just looking forward to whenever it will be. I got lots of books from the library, so I am going to ready up on the first few wks (what to expect) and also get the labour process clear in my mind so there r no suprises. Getting bags ready - remember to clear your cameras and make sure they are fully charged!

Went to the docs yest. The head is pretty much all the way in now. She said that she might not see me next week - I said that she will. But I wasn't sure if she was hinting that she knows more than she will tell me. hehe. My doc doesn't go into heaps of details. Like I have no idea how heavy my bubs will be. Everything coasting along as normal. That's all from me.

Have a great weekend ladies!

Hey all you ladies
how are you all doing?
I am good just waiting for bubs to finnish feeding then will get ready to go to the mall smile we have Dylan this weekend and he got money for his birthday and he wants to go shopping and so do i he he he.

Ange & Renee yay how exciting make sure you rest all you can believe me im sure you will take it easy smile

Skylee - How are you doing hun? hopefully you will rest some soon too ask away im happy to answer anything smile
the only thing i cant emphasise enough is to rest rest rest cause once bubs is here oh boy its a big shock lol first few days you dont really notice but after a week it catches up to you smile

Well i should get ready and make sure i have everything hope your all doing well i cant wait to hear who has their bubs next smile

Take care
Luv & Belly rubs
Lu Sammy

Hey Girls smile

Well yesterday was my last day at work, I had some mixed feelings.. I was sooo happy it was my last day, but also at the same time a little sad that I was leaving (I left for good). It was nice, they took me out for lunch and spoiled me with gifts and I got a nice pay out.. Came in handy - went shopping today and bought a few last minute bits and pieces. We bought an oil type heater for the babies room cause its getting a bit cold now, a really gorgeous toy box, a few jungle type toys and also a couple of things for my hospital bag.. I think im pretty much all packed now!

I also bought a book called 'Baby Love' anyone read/got it??

Next week im looking forward to getting things in order (lol - I guess you'd call it nesting), taking a bit of time to relax and just be at home..

Sammy - How'd you go at the mall? Buy anything good

Ange - Congratulations on your last day yesterday too!! Have a nice day??

Sky-Lee - Wow, not long now hun.. Im looking forward to finding out on Wednesday how far down my bub is now..

Anyways, i'd better be off.. Im going out for dinner tonight and im looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend girls x

Goodmorning All
how are you all doing? i am good just having a coffee and breakfast it doesnt look too nice outside again today but thats ok smile its not like i can go for a wlak in the park or anyhing lol.

Renee - tute tute how are you doing how was dinner lastnight? yeah the mall was ok thank you i got bubs a couple more long sleeve tops as he cant wear pants or anything cause of the foam pad thing for his hips.

Nic , Lou , Skylee , Kel , Kel2 , Amber , Belle , Ange ..hmmmm how am i going with all of the names?? ha ha ha and anyone else i have forgotten sorry but i hope you are all doing well and takng care i bet your all getting so excited i cant wait to meet all these other gorgeous bubs smile

Hope your all having a lovely weekend
Take Care
Luv Sammy xx

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well the weather here for the last few days has been nothing but rain which is fantastic as all you aussies know we are in the worst drought on record so this rain has been along time coming.
Rori is doing well we have the child and youth health nurse coming out on wednesday she has sorted out her nights and days with some help from me
Tip: to help them sort out their nights and days for thier daytime sleep dont wrap them (swaddle) and keep them out with the noise dont tip toe around them when they are sleeping or else they wont be able to sleep when you go out to the shops or somewhere. at night put them in their beds wrapped (swaddled). this makes them feel safe and secure and helps them to sleep better. This helped me with ZAc as he was a really bad sleeper and has worked for Rori as well.
Dave and i went shopping yesterday and got some new furniture a new solid wood bed and some new sofas. We have been together for 6 years and finally we are getting some new furniture i love it everything else we own is second hand.
My horriable in laws turn up tuesday and are staying 5 days i am not looking forward to this but ti has been 12 months since we saw them last.
hope everyone is enjoying their weekend not long to go now ladies i wonder who is going to pop next?
Hey Belle
just about the night and day thing i swaddle Ryder day and night i did start a routine with him he got really good but now is waking up more and wanting to feed more often i dont know what is going on lol
instead of waking twice in the night now he wakes 3 times im doing all i have been told to do but i might give the swaddle trick a whirl and see how it goes smile

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