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anyone due april 07 Lock Rss

hi everyone.
i can't believe they got rid of our thread.
i hope everyone is well and having babies.
Still no sign here.

hope this gets to everyone.


Hey guys, this is really hard to use but I have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!
Rach had her little girl today at 3:34pm weighing 7lb and 14oz. Bubby and mummy are doing REALLY WELL!!!! And her gorgeous little name is "Hannah Lee" Congratulations to Rach and her family! XOX


Well our baby has arrived. I had to be induced on the 13th as she was 10 days overdue. They broke my waters at 10.20pm, my first contraction was at 11.20am and she was here at 12.19pm. It was my fastest labour and the most painful labour yet.
We finally agreed on a name Charlotte Isabelle. She was a whopper at 9lb 12.5oz, 53cm long, 36.5cm Head circumfrance.
Congratulations to all the mums that have had there babies already, I hope you are all well.
Not much longer for everyone else, I hope time flies for you.
Everyone best of luck.

Not sure about the new look forum! I think I liked the old one better!

No sign of bubs here yet either, had afew pains through the night, didn't get serious, so we're off for a big walk thisafternoon, try and get things happening!

cathy, are you still in one piece? What did they say about your due date?

Congratulations to Shay and Alanna on their safe arrivals! I hope your're both doing well!

Danielle, how are things going now, is Jack sleeping more?

Talk to you all soon xoxo

hi everyone,
congrates on all the new babies.

cherylea- i am still in one piece. its getting really annoying now. i hope the long walk helps. i have walked and had sex but nothing has happened. people have suggested castor oil but i read up on it and it isn't recommended. it gives you a bad case of the runs and thats the last thing you want before you go into labour.

i saw the m/w last tuesday and she isn't changing my due date. which means its still at the 22nd. i measured 38 at 38 so we are really unsure how big this baby is. my second due date is wednesday so i am really hoping it will come in the next few days.
i have been getting loads of back pain and braxton hicks so bring it on.

cherylea- are you getting sick of people asking you how long to go? i am. i even have people calling my house to see if its here yet. i mean michael would call them so they must think we ould forget.

anyway better head off and bath my other baby.


Hi Cathy, the walk hasn't done much at all, but it was alovely afternoon, we walked for an hour along the beach then the kids had a swim and we had fish and chips for dinner. Although I did have some braxton hicks for a couple of hours (hadn't had any for a couple of weeks!). I woke up really annoyed thismorning that I wasn't in labour.

Good luck I hope your baby comes soon too, I'm also sick of people ringing to see if I've had the baby, do they think we wouldn't announce her arrival?

Oh I tried the castor oil last week - YUCK!!!! I had abit of the runs and just felt sick for the night, even the thought of it now makes my stomach turn lol.

Take care, I'll write again soon!

hi cherylea,
bummer about the walk. it sounds like you had a really nice afternoon. i wish i was living near the beach.

i have been waking up every morning totally bummed that nothing has happened especially when i get pains through the night. are you dreaming about the whole labour thing? i am. every night its a different one. i'm thinking that the more i think about it the less likely its going to happen.

my inlaws are coming down today for 3 days, so hopefully in the next couple of days this bub will decide to show its face. i don't like my chances.

chat to you soon.

Yep, I can't stop having dreams about the birth either! Even when I'm awake it's all I can think of, I'm actually sick of thinking about it cos it does feel like it'll never happen. I told hubby to stop calling me from work to see if anything is happening - believe me I will let him know the moment anything happens lol. I worked out today that we'll only be pregnant for another 2 weeks at the MOST before induction, but i really don't want to be overdue!!!

You have every chance of having your baby in the next 3 days, fingers crossed for you! Were your other two babies on time, early or late? My doc says that is the best way to tell when this one will arrive. Chloe was 4 days before due date and Bailey was exactly on his date, which means this one should be close! We'll see.....

my hubby is over the whole thing. he now believes it will never happen. he is only on holidays for this week and then its back to uni. i guess the best thing about being at uni is that he is only there for a couple of hours a day.

im unsure how long they will let me go over. im using a birth centre so i guess they will let me go as long as possible. fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

you are heaps lucky to go natural with both yours. brady was 6 days late, natural and tori as induced 2 weeks early. so really i have to idea what to expect with this one. if we go by my mum i was on time my sister was 10 days late and my mil all 4 boys were late. so i don't like my chances.

you will have your baby before me. im always the one that holds on.

chat to you soon

You made me laugh saying that you'e always the one who holds on! I think that we're both in the exact frame of mind - OVER IT lol.

It's hard to imagine that I will be having a baby at some point, cos I'm not having any signs that things are close. With my last pregnancy the BH were constant at the end and I just knew it was going to happen soon.

Enjoy having your in-laws visit, hopefully you will get a chance to rest and they can take care of the kiddies! Chloe is back to school tomorrow (thankfully) and I have a docs appointment in the morning then a lovely rest at about noon smile


i know what you mean about signs. its so hard to work out whats going on. i asked my m/w if the baby slows down or anything and she said no the movement is just different. what that is surpose to mean i have no idea.

brady is on 2 weeks hloiday. is chloe at pre school? im sure i have asked you before but the baby brains have kicked in. brady goes two days a week which is great. it been even better the last few weeks when it has only been tori and i at home.

have you been able to rest at all through the day or when hubby gets home? i have been heaps lucky and get a hour sleep in the day.

hope your doc app. goes well and have a good afternoon.

Hello, still no baby!

Been to the docs and she said "any day now" her head is as low as it can go before pushing! So thats something at least! Not having any bh though so it could still be a while.

How about you Cathy? Anything happening? tomorrow is your second due date - hopefully the right one!!!

Chloe's in year 1 this year which means 5 days a week! It's great, but it was very strange at first, I missed her alot, but she is loving it and I get so much more done while she's at school. I've been making sure I take a break a couple of times a day to do nothing, but sometimes there is so much to do it's nearly impossible, but I'm happy being busy and it's not hard work so i shouldn't complain!

Ok I'm off to do a few things before Bai needs his sleep, hope you are well and in labour lol!

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