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HCG Levels - Is this normal, Lock Rss


I am pregnant with baby number 3 and have just had a beta HCG test done. I am 4wks and 3 days and the level was 293. My first level at 4 weeks (theday I missed my period) was 31. It is doubling but is still low. I didn't have the test with my other pregnancies so I don't know what the numbers should be. Are these numbers normal? What are everyone elses numbers?
hey i also have a post up if u want 2 have a look about hcg levels here and in general discussion. i just found out i was 4 weeks and mine were850 so i dont know what that means

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

I have just had the 3rd test done 2 days after the last (was 293) and great results as the number was 1200. It has doubled almost tripled in 2 days. My Dr is very happy with the numbers.
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