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Any day now..... (anyone else waiting??) Lock Rss

Ohhhh I thought the two week wait was bad enough but now I've been waiting forever for this baby to come and I am sooo ready but this baby just isn't. It keeps teasing me. I have gone in and out of labour and it's dialating my cervix but it JUST WON'T GET OUT!!!! The Midwife said that it can stop and start.. Great.. So I bet i'll be pushing and still think "Nahhhh I won't have the baby yet!" lol..

Is anyone else stressed out, tired, worn out, can't move, can't sleep, don't even want to eat etc? I have had enough but mostly because my pelvis hurts. My little 18 month old is just running an absolute muck and there's only a certain amount of times I can listen to and watch hi 5!!

It'd be good to chat to others who are expecting any day now. I have had enough and just need to vege out but then I get so bored and I can't get comfy! I can't have showers because I get dizzy in them so I bath now but then my bump makes it hard to get out hehe!! Ahhh the joys! But I am sooo thrilled. I can't wait to meet this little one. Look forward to hearing from people soon. XX

Hi Amber,

I know the feeling! I was due on Anzac Day and there is still no action down there at all! The head isn't even engaged & bubs has been sitting in the same spot for weeks.It get's frustrating as you know how close it is but it seems so far. When are you due?

Let's hope we both do into labour very soon!
Hey Amber!

Fancy meeting you here!! As you well know, i'm so over this preg too!!! Though i have been eating like a horse!! I have packed on the weight now! Damn it!! But i guess i'll be able to loose it soon!! fingers crossed!!

Sore, tired, cranky, can't walk, can't sleep, can't move, can't sit still!! Same as you really!!

GRR come on babies move out!!!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girlies! How are we today? mummy to claire, my bubs head isn't engaged either!!! And I hear you on knowing it's close but it feels so far away. I am beginning to wonder if this baby will ever come! Althought now I want it to hold off til Thursday! Nic, hey chick!! Yes, fancy seeing you here!! Awww the wait is so awful and I am SOOO looking forward to being able to msg you with "We had a____" lol and I can't wait to get ur msg saying you had little Matthew. How exciting. I am not looking forward to another wait though!!! I get past another week andI am like OMG IT HAS TO COME TODAY!! But my next app is on the 8th and I am hoping to then be induced on the 9th as that makes me ten days over but with the way they've been carrying on, I'll never be induced! BRING ON THESE BABIESSS!!!!!

Hi Amber....I have been given several estimated due dates ranging frm 22nd April to 29th April, so in a few hours I am overdue on every date I was given.

I am full up with a flu and have a 22 month old who is as wild as ever, but really quite good considering and is also getting a cold.

My pelvis hurts like crazy and every appointmant I have they say they are booking me in for day stay and inducing but then they say they are too busy in day stay ... and I just feel like crap and can't wait for it all to happen.

Lisa - Tyler (06/05), Emily (05/07)

Hi all,

Still no action here. Went to the doctor today and will be induced this Thursday if nothing happens between now and then. I am happy to know that there is at least a D day now!

Amber why do you want to hold off to Thursday? Is it a special/significant day for you ?

Anyway I hope that everyone will be holding their babies very soon!!
Hey Lisa, have you found anyone to look after ur little boy yet? (I hope I have the right person!!)

Mummy to claire, a couple of certain people will be around til Wednesday so I want to wait until Thursday so (no offence) but that way I won't have ppl flock meas soon as bubs born. I hope that makes sense without being selfish of me sad

So I have been getting light period type aches and it's scaring me because I REALLY want to hold off now!! Nick went back to work today and GOSH did I feel it... He's been helping out so much. Luckily Tayah's being a good girl for me smile

I hope we have some news soon. Nic how you going darl? Anymore news? How's everyone else?

Hey girls,

WEll not much action happening here, just a few lite period type pains (or not pains but just annoying niggles)

I had a ctg and scan today to make sure bub was ok, cause he's stopped moving a bit the last few days, but all is good and he is head down (hopefully ready to go!)

I'll let all know if anything happens, though i'm not holding my breath that anything will this week! My other 2 were late, so think this one could be too!

Hope you are all well! Or having really bad contrations!!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hey girlies! Just thought I would *BUMP* up this thread. How is everyone? Any news? Any bubs, any pains etc??? LET US KNOW!! All I can say is "pretty please get this bubby outta me !!!"

Hey girls,

Well i'm still here nothing to report yet!! mummytoclaire I bet you can't wait til tomorrow!!! How exciting knowing you will have your bub soon!! Good luck for tomorrow darl!!


Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi all, My name is Anne im 25 and live in Sydney's West, I have been married for 3 years. Im due on the 7th of May and can NOT wait. The days are going SO slow now and reading this forum can distract me a little bit.

Im new to this and feel so much better reading this forum. This is my first baby and I dont really have anyone else who understands how/what im feeling, all my friends are either single or are no where near having babies, so at least now i have you guys to keep me sane... : )

How are you all going???


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