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Any on due Middle of Jan 2008 Rss

Hi there
I have just been to my GP and Had a pregnancy test. im due 19th Jan. Wow i was so shocked as it was our first try. I have been off the pill since sept last year. I went to have the bloods and Urine test today had to be really careful as i work at the hospital where i went to have bloods so i slipped in the back was so that no one saw me. My husband and i are planning to trry to keep it a secret for 3 months as you just dont know. i really want to tell my mum but my husband doesnt wasnt to tell his mum yet and said it wouldnt be fair to tell mine and not his. So im telling whoever reads this email. My boobs are vry tender and ive had like period pains ( are they normal). And you know what my sister inlaw is pregnant too they announced it mothers day id love to tell her as then we can talk about stuff she is 8 weeks, 4 weeks in front of me. My brother and i are close so it will be great to have kids the same age.
must go feeling tired no sickness yet, i guess its only early
cngratulations!!! Ur due on my birthday im also pregnant and due dec 25th what a chrisy pressie its my third and last so im pretty excited im hoping 4 a girl as i have 2 boyz aged 8&3 but u never kow it could be another boy. i had cramps in the beginning 2 but they have gone away in the last few days.Take care!!!!!!!! SHARNA
hi all. i am due 16th january. found out wednesday. 2nd child

Claire Qld Phoebe born 31/5/06 xavier born 1/1/08

I am due to have my 4th baby around the 22nd Jan o8, those period like pain you are having are normal it is you uterus getting ready for the baby, but in saying that if it gets to painful ask your doctor. My husband and I have already told our kids and our families, those first 3 months rally go slow waiting for your first scan then waiting for movement, at least if no one knows you dont get drilled with questions about how your feeling, do you feel sick, has the baby kicked yet.
Congratulations and hope all goes well for you and your baby.

Im due on the 20/1/2008 with my first - very exciting time at the moment.

Like you, I havent told any one yet, except for my mum who I live with and my 2 sisters.

I dont have a partner, my baby was conceived by donor insemination.

I am having a scan next Friday 1/6 to make sure all is ok. I havent had any signs of sickness yet but am really really tired.

Hope to talk to you soon

Melissa NSW
This is my first time on the Huggies website, my sister-in-law recommended it.
Congradulations on your big news. I am due 6 Jan 2008. I have the tender boobs and the period like pain. I am glad to hear that it is normal. I am having my third baby but my last child was born nearly 8 years ago so I have forgotten a lot things. I am 7 and a half weeks. I have polysistic overies and the last time I thought I was pregnant it turned out I wasn't so when I hadn't had my period for 13 weeks and I had a lump in my right breast I had a ultra sound to check out both problems. I was told that I was 6 weeks pregnant and that the lump was hormonal due to the pregnancy. I was so happy I couldn't stop crying. I was not going to tell my family either until the third month but both my husband and I were too excited so we told our kids, who are as excited as we. After that we decided to tell the rest of the family. My reason also had to do with a really good friend of mine who lost her baby at around 12 weeks, I thought if anything would happen to my baby (God forbid!) I would need my family to help me through it. That is just my thinking. I guess being a little older this time (31, was 21 when I had my first), has made me a bit paranoid. I know everything will go perfectly though, I have lots of faith. The one thing I have not forgotten though is the labour pain. Not looking forward to that.

I have two children already, 9 (10 in June) and 7 (8 in September). I have one of each, the oldest is a boy. Damon and Tarsha. My husband and son want another boy and my doughter and I would like a girl. It would even things out as my husband has a 15 yr old son. Both my kids are good, of course we have our dramas but mostly they are good.

Well I hope all you preggy mum out there are well. Luckly I have no morning sickness, sometimes I do feel nauseous but nothing bad. Bye for now. Sam

Hi there!

I'm due Jan 16th and so am currently about 6 weeks in. I had to tell my family, they would have guessed if I didn't say anything as they know we were trying and really want things to work out for us. I told them on Mothers' Day. I too have to sore boobs and period-like cramps so glad to hear it's all perfectly normal. Midwives are so hard ot come by round here that I haven't got anybody to ask those sorts of questions - thank goodness for the internet.

Anyway, good luck with the next few months...

Hi All,

I just found out last week i'm pregnant. We have been trying for about 8 months but i gave up. I went to doc last week to ask about fertility treatment as I had only had to cycles in the whole of 8 months! I had been feeling a bit sick so asked the doc to do a pregnancy test just in case. Guess what - it was a positive! I was so excited! Doc thought I was at least 6 to 8 weeks if not more. But really had no idea as I hadn't been ovulating often enough.

Had my dating scan yesterday and found out i was only 5 weeks and 4 days! At least baby isn't due over christmas. Due date is the 20 Jan 2008. Still so far to go!
Was too early to see a heart beat and stuff but I'm def pregnant. Me and hubby are very excited!!

I wish i hadn't told so many people but at least it is just people who care about me aye! I'm hoping the next 6 weeks are all good and baby grows well.

I've already put on about 1.5 - 2kgs. Anyone else put on this much sad Hope the morning sickness doesn't get worse!!

Good luck to all of you!!

1st Time Mum, due 20 Jan 2008, NZ


I am due late January this is my third child. My eldest is five and my next is 3 months yes 3 months. My husdand and i suffered secondary infertility. We found out that i have a blocked fallopian tube and a tumor that stop me from ovualating. We tried for eighteen months and then gave clomid a try which did not work so we tried IVF our first cycle was unsussesful and just before we where about to start our second cycle wow a miricle happened i was pregnant she was born 25th Feb this year. At my six week check my husband and I decided that we would love another and we where advised that it would take just as long. Well did not take long at all obviosly we know it will be hard work but it will all be worth it. I think my body has just slotted back into the norm lol and apart from the odd cramps and tiredness i feel great.

Hi We are due on the 21st jan! So excited
I have told heaps of ppl but not our parents! I so cant keep that a secret! My Daughter (9months) knows hehe i told her first and because i was jumping around and laughing she was so happy too just added to the excitement! My cramps seem to be over now (thank god) as they were rather bad just like last time! Tiredness in the avos is over for now too but obsessive eating..... Grrr im going to be huge again! Oh well so worth it in the end! This pregnancy is going fast already! Gess that happens when you have a wee bubba too!
So at the mo im feeling great too!

Hi there
I found out last week that I am due the 17th of Jan. Cant believe it, hubbi and I had given up, and then it just happened. Have a 15mth lil girl, am hoping for a lil boy this time, but all is good whatever may come. Yes I am getting those pains to, you get worried but all is good. Congrats to all that are mums to be, it is such an exciting thing. All have a great day and take care

33 weeks to go LOL

having a boy:)

Hi Girls!!

I am very happy (and surprised) to be joining in! My DD is almost 3 and we have found out we are expecting our second on 23rd Jan!! so nice to have other ladies going through things at the same time!! Last week I started suffering MS and am so so tired all the time! It is getting more and more difficult to not tell people (especially at work) but I am trying to hang in there! I am 5 weeks and 5 days so still early days!

How are you all travelling??

Sam x

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