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january baby Rss

hi girls, this is my first time on this website im also having a baby im about 5 weeks and 3 days so im due january 24,iv had lots of pain in my belly and have a horrible cold with really bad cough anyone got suggestions on what i should do?
Hi, I am due a couple of days before you. jan 21st. I have had a lot of twitches and mild cramps aswell. Something that I cant remember having from my first baby nearly 8 years ago. My advise for you is stay in bed and take it easy until your cold passes. You must be feeling miserable you poor thing.

Nice to meet you two

I am due 24th january, but havent really had any symptoms, have your girls? if so what have they been?

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant with number 2 and sooo excited !!
Am due on 22nd Jan 08. Strangely enough, DS # 1 was due on the same day but born on 21 Jan 06. Hopefully number 2 won't be born on the same day.
I had a horrible strep throat infection a week ago and only really just gotten over it. My throat was so bad I had to have antibiotics to clear it up. All I can say is to get plenty of rest as your body will already be super tired.

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HI I am preg with baby #1 due 20/01/2008. I havent had any sympts but had vomiting and diarrhoea on Saturday night which lasted 24/7 - it was horrible so I know how you feel. For a cold I suggest you sip on Honey and lemon - you can even buy honey and lemon tea now.

I am booked to have my scan on Friday to check how everything is going.

Good luck

Hi I am due at the begining of Jan. I wanted to let you know that if you get diarrhoea and vomiting closer to your due date, this is labour!! I am pregnant with my third. I was two weeks from my due date with my first and I was up all night with diarrhora and vomiting. My water broke early in the morning and when we got to the hospital the nurse told me I had been in labour all night. When I had time to think about it I remembered going through it for about eight hours at the start of my pregnancy. I had the same thing happen with my second child, but that time around my water broke before the diarrhoea and vomiting. I am eight weeks and so far I haven't had any but I have been feeling a little sick. Good luck with your scan!

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