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Anyone under 20 having baby #2? Lock Rss

hey im 19 and have a 16mnth old fiance and i are expecting #2 on 7th nov.just wanting to know if theres any other young mums in the same position???
i am also 19 (20 in december) i have a 12month 3 week old daughter and am due with #2 on 10 sept

Lol what defines a young mum? I just turned 20 about a week ago but my bub isn't due til october...
I'm 19yrs(20 in Nov) and I have a 10mth old baby girl, Phoebe and am pregnant with #2 which is due 29th Sept

Nice to meet all the other young mummies smile
Hey, Im Tegz and have a handsome 2 year old son and I am expecting number 2 in November:) I am 20 years old and my DH will be 21 in August! I cant wait to be 40 though cause Ill still be young enough to travel and have mature children and there wont be like this 40 year age gap between us! Im happy with my choices! and my little family:))))))))))))))

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Heello! im 20 and expecting number 2 in december!!! My DS is 15 months old smile

AKA Chante

hey lm 20, expecting 2nd bubs on my 21st birthday, well my dates keep changing.. my bday is oct 18 bubs is now due oct 21st...
i think its great being a young mummy, i wouldnt change it for the world, i think we have more energy then older mums not that theirs anything wrong with bein an older
being a mum makes me apreciate my parents a whole lot more 2!
i think if u have the man of your dreams,and your kidlets, it couldnt get better..
hi there, not sure whether i'd qualifuy to join in or not but i could help with advice on how to deal with 2 at a young age. i am 21, (22 in december) and have 2 daughters, isabella 2 years 1 1/2 months old. and lillian 8 months 1 week old and am due to have my 3rd baby on the 29th october. so i am 18 weeks pregnant. would be happy to chat. congrats to you all on your babies and i think its great that so there are so many young ones having their 2nd and 3rd babies.

bye and take care

Hey everyone,

My name's Elizabeth i'm 19yrs old(20 in Nov), have a 8mth old DD & expecting #2 on 2nd Dec. I have a DH who was a little upset about us having another 1 but we are now both really excited.

it's really great to talk to young mums cos we understand where eachother is coming from better i think anyway.

i also think that the term "young mum" applies to anyone who had their kids under the age of 30.

I personally don't mind how old anyone is when they start having kids cos so long as you love your child and can look after them that's all that matters.

(sorry bout the long post)


Hey i turned 20 in feb but i have a 16month old daughter Kaylee and i am pregnant with my 2nd child Kyran due on 9th August 07.

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