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anyone else due around feb Lock Rss

Hi bearhugs

It's Donna here.

If you would like to chat my Email is

[email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you. smile

2 Under 1

Hi Brenda

How is it all going. Im due Feb 7th a couple of days now.

I'm expecting my first, so it has all been new to me.

Look forward to speaking with you

Donna (ZacsMum) smile

2 Under 1

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to keep you up-to-date.
I went to the docs Monday 2/2/04.
She thought I was quite big, so she had me go for an ultrasound and I was very shocked.... This l'il one is 8lb 8oz already.... Courtney was only 7lb 9oz and that was 2 weeks over.
Doc has told me that if this darling l'il one hasn't made her move by next week, she will induce. I haven't felt any pains or anything as yet. I'm hoping this l'il one makes her move in the next few days.
One good thing my feet have been like balloons since christmas, but the last day or some they have gone down heaps.

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

hi,how are you feeling? I'm due on the 15th of feb
and am already starting to get impatient. Accodring to the ultrasound i'm having a little girl and have already called her Paige Kendra Leigh Montgomery.
Everyone already calls her Paige now so i'm hoping the name suits her,I'm also hoping hte man doing the ultrasound was correct in saying that it's a girl because all her cloths are pink and purple. Oh well if not i guess i'll have to go shopping lol.
When i went to the docotors the other day he told me Paige has a very small head,so gor me i'm guessing that's a good thing,beinh my first i'm a little nervous about the big day.

jasmine qld

hi guys brenda here,
damn im tired and fat and swollen.
Isnt pregnancy just a wonderful experience!!
Cant complain doing well, had another ultrasound because the doc says im the size of 41 weeks ince i was 37. still says its a girl (Rose Phillipa Alderson).
cant wait for her to arrive, had three false alarms so far so getting a bit impatient.
Hoping everyone is doing well and if anyone would like to chat just email me, [email protected]

Brenda,Melb, B7,G6, EDD:15/02/2004

hi kaz_april! I had my first baby, a little boy, on November 18th. So I gues our kids are very close in age! I cant believe how fast they grow hey. Nearly three months old already. If you wan chat to compare stories and development info, my email is [email protected] ... how is your little girl doing? Is it your first? Where are you from?

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hello to all,

Am a newbie on here, single mum-to-be for the 1st time. My wee babe is due 26/02/04. We're 80 - 90% sure babe is a girl, judging from the ultrasound, which is no surprise because on my side of the family we are ALL girls ... & v.few boys.

Am v.excited about being a mum, and am looking fwd to being able to see my toes (& being able to paint them!), bend over, and sleep on my tummy (oh the joys eh??) wink

Hope all has gone well with all of your wee ones ... congratulations if they have arrived. Would be nice to keep in touch. Look fwd to hearing from you.

Take care smile

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

hello all and congrats im due 14th feb 2005 with my first bub and im so looking forward to it if any1 would like to stay in contact his my email
[email protected]
Hi. Im 22 and due feb 14th aswell. I would add ppl but im to scared to turn my msn on at teh moment becasue my mums sisters husband is on and he wont leave me alone..he looks like cleatus off the simpson literally.
My msn is [email protected] if u wanna add me and when i go on i will love to have a chat.
I live in South Aus, am still with the father and I have 2 huskys.
I dont really like being pregnant and am really reserved about having my bubba...although i know i will love him (its a he) I still feel weird.
So if anybody kinda the same way..hey id love to know I feel like im the only one.
well nice to see lots of ppl here adn Ill c u all soon.
Love Alarna

mum to bayden 25/02/05

im due feb 14 but i hope it comes sooner,
as i have this whole pelvic pain thing. its my secound my son is 3 he'll be 4 in april. i live in cherrybrook sydney nsw though i was in brissy for my first as its where i grew up. im 24, and bandaid i have a husky too but im worried about it with the baby as it can open doors and has killed many small animals although she is good with my son . i think its too big a risk, but cant find another home for her.

Mother of Bryce and Jake

I dont think you should have naythign to be worried about.
As long as you keep treating her like you always have, and she knows where she is in her "pack"
If she gets along with your son, she will be fine with your baby.
Just when you come home from the hospital, get you DH or some1 else to hold the baby 1st so she has her tme with you or else she will see the baby as the thing that made mum stop loving me.
My two...strife and havoc kill plenty of birds that go into their yard. And im sure if they had a chance a few cats..even though they like them.
One of my puppies has got very protective of me and even has a go at DH when i get upset hehe.
If you love her..dont get rid of her and dont listen to what other people say. I had heaps of people tell me I cant have dogs the baby will choke on dog hair. Well im fine.
See how she goes and just treat her as normal.
If you worried Im always about 4 a chat we can talk dogs..

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Hi how are you. My first bubs due in feb.

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