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New Zealander's Due February..... Lock Rss

I just found out I am pregnant, I am due with number 2 on 28th February 2006.
Would love to hear from others.

Mummy to 1, number 2 due in Feb 2006

Hi Mummy in July,

I don't live in NZ and actually due in Jan but think that this one will be born Feb.

How's the pregnancy progressing for you? I have been suffering morning sickness all day and have been really tired.

Is your first born a boy or girl?

Trudie xx

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Hi Mummy in July!

I am due 4 Feb with our first baby - very excited! Had first apt with midwife this week and booked in for scan in two weeks so it is all starting to feel real! Still nervous though.....

How are you feeling? Hope all going well.


nz, 1st baby, due feb 4

Hi there Mummy in July, I am also from NZ, and first of all wanted to say hello!!!!
I am having my 2nd child in January, actually due the 1st Jan 06 (of all days!!!!).
Pregnancy going real well I hope, has for me right from the start. Only morning sickness till 10 wks and then nothing, so all is going well here.
Would like to talk some time.

Kylie, New Zealand, 5yr girl, 10 1/2mth old girl

Hi everyone my names janelle in from new zealand in the southisland im having a baby girl due 02/02/06 this is my first baby and i am the first out of all my friends to have one also im only 21 so this is a huge step for me!


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