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Gestational Diabetes Lock Rss

Hi, I am 23weeks pregnant with my third child and have GD, I had it with my son who is now 13months,but never had it with my Daughter now 3..

I have had the following symptoms and was wondering if anyone else has GD...
dizziness,throwing up,high pitch ringing in my right ear and very bad headaches..

This i felt with my son whe i was about 7 to 8months but with this baby so far i have only had the high pitched ringing in my ear...

I'm not sure if it IS related to my GD,but it soon stopped after my son was born...

I have changed my diet but no help,i see the dr next monday but they can't help because they don't know what is causing it...

if anyone has GD i would love for you to reply.

Jeanette,mum of Alexandria3yrs & Kane13months

I had GD with my first pregency but never had any of your complains. I'm 21 weeks with my second haven't been tested yet for GD but have to have the full test this straight up this time. The only other complained I had was kidney function which ment I was in duced at 38 weeks with a very complicated delivery. My kidney function went back to normal very quickly. I think the complaint is coming back at this easy stage again. Hope you are feeling better now.

Lisa, Vic, 2 1/2 yr old son,

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