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Due in August 2005 at Wyong Hospital Lock Rss

Hi I was wanting to know who else is due to have a baby at the Wyong Hospital in August. My due date is 21/08/05 but I have a feeling I might come early. This is my first baby so I am very excited.

Hi Joyleen,

Im not having my baby at Wyong hospital, but at Wollongong mine is due on the 14th August and this is my 2nd bubs and have found out that it is a boy. I had an ultrasound today 34wks as at the 18wk 1 i had a low lying placenta and they had to check today to c whether it had moved or not which it has, they also told me that bubs is about 6.5 pounds already so it looks like it may be a big bubs. Any way hope ur pregnancy is going fine and i hope to be chatting with u soon.

Kelly, NSW due 14/8/05

Hi, My baby is due late September 05 and I am going to Wyong Hospital. This is my third child.
Hi Joyleen and Sharon
Im having my baby at Wyong in September. Has the maternity section been reopened again for deliveries yet? Are you guys going though the midwife clinic? I'm so excited about the whole process. Sharon - when in sepember are you due? i'm on the 21st. we may end up in the hspital at the same time!
Hope to hear from you soon
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