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Due March 2006!!! Lock Rss

Hi I'd love to hear from anyone who is due in or around March 2006.
It would be great to share the journey with other mum's.
Is there anyone at all due in March????
Hi Everyone

Just found out last week that I am pregnant and due on 25th of March. I had my first doctors visit today and have been referred for all the blood tests, I did expect an examination of some sort but my GP just told me what I could and couldn't have (foods, medications etc.), gave me some information to read and forms to fill out and asked to see me again in 5 weeks. Is this the usual procedure?

Congratulations to you all on your pregnancies, I look forward to sharing this journey together.

Alex (NSW) - DS 20/3/2006

Hi Storm
Just found out I'm pregnant with my second. I already have a 10 month old Holli born September 04. I have worked out my due date to 22 march 2006 but still not 100% sure. Should find out today!!
We are all very exited but the last 2 mornings I have been up at 5am worrying about the age gap - I just don't want Holli to feel neglected! Anyone else worry about that??
Any way hope we can chat some more!

Stacey,WA, mum to Holli, Sept 04

Hi all,

Congratulations to you all!!

I am due end of March about the 31st so just scraped in!! (I think! - irregular periods) and this is my 3rd pregnancy, but will be my 2nd baby, I miscarried my first pregnancy. My son Ashton is 18 months.

I am sooo excited to be expecting baby no.2 but also scared at the moment, apparently my HCG levels are low, so will have another blood test in 3 days time, then see ob. for scan in 3 weeks time. I hope all is ok!!

hi there my name is Tamara-lee and i have 2 kids a boy Drake (born3/2/01) and a girl Eshana (born 29/6/03) and i am due for my third on the 28th March 2006 i am currently 14 weeks and 5 days i already feel like a hippo i have already put 6-7 kg on in the last 14 weeks doc said it's good because i was so serverly anemic and underweight before it would be great to hear from other women due the at the same time as i am well better go see ya


I had to come in here and tell you that tomorrow is the day i find out what we are having.

Funny thing is my fiance wants a girl and i dont mind but last night i had a dream of painting a cot light pink with purple love harts and making some pink blankets.
Dont know what that means but my partner has taken that as a girl lol

have a nice day


TTC a baby girl

Well we are having a Boy Yesssssssssss

TTC a baby girl

Im due march 30 4 my first!!

Melissa NSW, 5 mnths pregnant

Hi to al lyou lovely ladies,

Just thought to add in. We are expecting our 2nd bub on the 15th march.

We are not sure as to what we are having but either way we dont mind as long as we are healthy...

I have been ill very ill with this little one (was with Connor but not as bad)

Its very exciting and we cant wait. I am a little anxious we have a 19mnth old boy Connor he is a cuttie but i wonder how i will manage with 2.... Scary but i am sure we will manage..

Would love to keep intouch my email is [email protected] if you would like to email me..

Hope every one is keeping well...


Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

im due in march EDD is the 23rd chosen not to find out the sex of the baby this time. Already have 3 children Boy 5, Girl 3, Girl 1. im hoping for another girl but my husband really wants another boy
Hi everyone
I just noticed that there is an actual thread for March due dates. I have logged on here many times but i never thought about checking for March dates, doh! Pregnancy does make you absent minded and a bit dopey. Anyway my name is Ayesha and I live in Sydney. I'm due on the 14th of March and this is my first baby. I'm 29 years old by the way.

My husband and I are expecting a girl, well the sonographer said there was a 90% chance that the baby is a girl. What about the other 10%? Are you all 100% sure of what you're having?

I'm going to have my baby at a maternity unit, where it's all natural. So no epidurals, drugs etc. Only hot baths/showers, massages and aromatherapy is offered and laughing gas, which can make you nauseous, something i won't be taking as i still throw up on average 3 times a week. I'm terrified and sort of think will i be able to do it when the time comes. The midwife is great and is always talking about staying positive blah blah, but i'm scared i'll freak out and won't push and something will go wrong. The ladies that have had natural births before, could you please tell me how bad is the pain really and is there anything i can compare it to?

DD 18 months

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