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Hi there everyone. My name is Rachel, I am 35 years old and just found out I am 8 weeks pregnant. Our son is aged 9 so this is going to be rather an experience I beleive. It would be nice to chat to anyone to help me get through this rather big shock. I believe I will be happy in a few weeks time when it has sunk in.Look forward to hearing all your stories and experiences through this time.
Hi Rachel, my name is Jasmine. I know what you mean about shock at finding out. I was in disbelief for ages this time - although i am now nearly 17 weeks along and have been counting down until my scan. I have 3 boys. My eldest is 6 and the youngest is 19 months. Goodluck and i look forward to seeing you around.
Hi Rachel, What a beautiful gap. Your son will have such a special beautiful bond with this new bub. My older boys, 14, are just great with my two year old and he adores them. Look forward to chatting.

Amanda NSW

Hi Jasmine, nice to hear that someone else was in total disbelief. Wow you have 3 already and all boys. Do you think you have hit the jackpot this time and it is a girl? What nice ages for them all to grow up together. I hope my son will be a good help for me but at the moment we are going through the attitude - talk to the hand as the face isn't listening - this may sort him out and calm him down, well I'm praying anyway. Keep incontact with your progress.
Hi Amanda, thanks for your message. I suppose it is rather a nice age gap and it is so nice to hear that you have also experienced the age gap. Unfortunately we have got the attitude problem with Ryan at the moment, talk to the hand as the face isn't listening. Did you go through that with your boy's? We are so hoping having this baby will calm him down, oh well we shall see in around 7 months time. Shall chat soon.
Rachel, Brisbane.
When i read your post i couldn't help giggle. Yes my boys
(twins) were like that but they saved it all for me not their brother. He can do no wrong and if I even look like discipling him they are straight there tell me that he is only two ect ect. So I am sure u will be surprised on how your son will just adore the new baby but still think you are the worst. Just let him be really involved no matter how much it frustrates you. I feel its like creating a bond with dad. The more they do with the bub the more they bond. I let my boys dress him, nurse him after a feed ect right from birth. My next bub, another boy, is due on the 10/8 and my boys have been wonderful helping do the nursery, carry the groceries and this has made them feel involved and important and not jealous of another child (hopefully).

Amanda NSW

NOOOOOOOO you mean it doesn't get better when he is 14? That means I still have another 5 YEARS of the attitude PLUS. He already has the bond with his dad as I have no knowledge of the playstation or X Box consoles (I have no intention to either) weather this child is a boy or a girl, they would definately have no choice but to like games consoles and wrestling. Another boy, wow. You say you are due 10/8 I will be in Hawaii. We leave on the 8th August for 11 nights. I can't wait but at the same time I am a little worried on flying. My doctor says he would be more concerned for my last 3 months not the first. When I was carrying Ryan we flew to OZ from the UK when I was 5 months. I was told not before 3 and not after 7 months. Have you heard anything like this before? I am rather confused. I have posted a message on this site to the midwife to get her advise mmmm not sure. Anyway shall chat to you again soon.
Hi Rachel,
I am not quite sure what bubs is at the moment, but then again i only have 2 weeks now until my scan! The doctor is going to do it at the end of my 18th week just to check everything is alright. We have had so much trouble in this 16.5 weeks. I have had bleeding on and off, dizzy spells, bad morning sickness and headaches. I hope that you get to by pass all of these horrid things and have a great first and second trimester.
I have done some of the gender tests on the internet by the chinese. They are great and so much fun. One had me at a 50% chance of either as it couldnt decide and another said it is a girl. I guess i will have to wait and see.
Goodluck with your son. I am sure that he will love his new little sibling when it is here. My mum had a 10 year gap between my youngest sister and my middle brother. We all get along great - my and the middle brother have a 15 year age gap. I think it gives the younger one someone to look up to and the elder one someone to impress.
Hello hawaiian angel,


I found out i was pregnant with my second bub and my son was 10yrs old, By the time bub came he was 11yrs old.
I know how you feel, I was in shock for months. My son grew to love the idea of becoming a big brother, he too was shocked.

I have since had another bub, my son was 13yrs when she was born. They are great to have around, it nice to have an adult conversation when you have a new bub. It helped me to stay sain!!!
Good luck, love to hear from you soon.

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