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DUE 14TH AUGUST 07 Lock Rss

ne one else due in august.. 2 weeks for me yay.. congrats to all mums

hello hello
im having my first bub in 3 weeks times~~
r u having a girl or a boy???
which hospital r u goin to have the bub at?>
Hi, I am due on the 10th, not sure what sex my bub is. I had a stretch and swipe yesterday but so far nothing..still got my fingers crossed as I was told it can take up to 72 hours to work.I am booked in to be induced on the 9th so I have 6 days to go at the most. Good luck with both of your bubs.

Amanda NSW

baybee thankks and the same to u

im having a little girl at sunshine hospital in melbourne.
wot about you both?

good luck to u both and all the best.

good luck Amanda... whats stretch and swipe? not long to go.. ^^

lil lozza im having a girl too! in sydney~~~ ^^
im due on the 25th but hoping it would arrive earlier. Im so HUge and feels and looks like i'll pop any minute hehehehe
Hi, A stretch and swipe is where the doctor does an internal and does a sweep around the inside of your cervix (tmi?)I think its also refered to as a membrane sweep. It is suppose to reduce the odds of needing more intervention. I had a show this morning so I have my fingers crossed.

Amanda NSW

OMG so jealous i want a show its all im waiting for.. GOOD LUCK my fingers are crossed for u..

HEY! Im also due on the 14th of August. How exciting for us. Is this your 1st pregnancy? It is for me. Hope all goes well for you...

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